March Previews 2020 – Marvel Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books coming out of March Previews for Marvel Comics.

With the Empyre Event taking over most of the books in this months previews (which limits the number of overall picks), I’m going to skip over most if not all of them. Here’s some of the books we are likely adding to our pre-order pulls and subscribes though.

Strange Academy is the new series I think that has potential. This one has future show or movie vibes all over it and this previews issue just has a cover that looks awesome, makes me want to pick it up to read.

Strange Academy #3

Strange Academy #3 (Character Spotlight Variant)


Anyone who has been to New Orleans knows that it’s a magical place, but the students of STRANGE ACADEMY are about to see it firsthand.

Their first field trip as a class shows them a city (and the stakes of what they’re living) in ways that light a fuse that is going to blow up in a big way. Rated T

Hate’m or like’m, there’s no denying he’s making waves with his take on Thor.

Thor #6

Thor #6 (Skan Dark Marvel Variant)
Thor #6 (Skroce Spoiler Variant)

THE DEATH OF KING THOR! The Black Winter has the power to reveal the means of any person’s demise – and if the vision is true, Asgard is going to need a new Odinson to take the throne!

But Thor is no mere herald or king – and even the death of all existence should fear his coming wrath. Rated T+

The Maker come back to the spotlight after Venom Island ends. Looking forward to what we have in store for Venom.

Venom #26

Venom #26 (Dark Marvel Variant)

‘VENOM BEYOND’ BEGINS HERE! If you thought VENOM ISLAND was insane comic book action of the highest order, then shut your yapper and face front, True Believer, because we’re about to outdo ourselves!

For months, the Maker has been fascinated with symbiotes. IN THIS ISSUE we find out why – and what he intends to do with any he can get his hands on… Rated T+

Wait, what? Is that Vader giving Padma a hug? Vader doesn’t hug, Vader chokes…

Star Wars Darth Vader #4 (2020)

Star Wars Darth Vader #4 (Sprouse Empire Strikes Back Variant)


DARTH VADER continues his terrifying quest for vengeance against everyone who hid the existence of his son from him.

But on NABOO, the DARK LORD OF THE SITH faces a deadly new challenge as his focus turns from LUKE to PADMÃ, the wife of the man Vader used to be.

And what secrets lie in the tomb of PADMÃ AMIDALA? Rated T

Who doesn’t love the bounty hunters in Star Wars right? Great new series that’s a definite book on any Star Wars fan pull and read list.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4 (Sprouse Empire Strikes Back Variant)

THE SINS THAT CAN’T BE ABSOLVED! With a blaster aimed at this back, cyborg bounty hunter VALANCE closes in on NAKANO LASH, the mentor who abandoned him many years ago.

But what is the secret that Lash has been hiding ever since that fateful, doomed mission – one that led her to betray her entire crew? Those answers may die with her if a vengeful BOBA FETT gets to her first. Rated T

Brisson and Kuder have knocked this new Ghost Rider title out of the park for me. Pick it up for the read and art, don’t worry if it’s not making you money by flipping. You know these things are meant to be read right?

Ghost Rider #8

Ghost Rider #8 (Shalvey Dark Marvel Variant)


In a place beyond good and evil, Ghost Rider and Mephisto find a secret society of supernatural beings–and they aren’t fond of visitors! Rated T+

It’s like owning the next best thing from the original, the facsimile edition.

Amazing Spider-Man #101 Facsimile Edition

The dramatic debut of Morbius the Living Vampire! Dr. Michael Morbius has a lust for blood, and he’s out to sink his fangs into Spider-Man! But the wallcrawler is even more spiderlike than usual – because, in an effort to ‘cure’ himself of his spider-powers, he’s ended up with four extra limbs!

Peter must seek out Curt Connors, the Lizard, to return himself to normal – but little does Spidey know that he’s on a collision course with Morbius that will put him in the crosshairs of not one, but two monsters! Witness the beginning of a rivalry for the ages between webslinger and bloodsucker, in the issue that began the tragic tale of the misunderstood Michael Morbius! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all! Reprinting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #101. Rated T

Killmonger is back and perhaps this will renew some interest in the earlier issues of him carrying the symbiote.

Black Panther #24

Black Panther #24 (Quinones Variant)


Part 6 The Intergalactic Empire has suffered thousands of losses – and still they’re coming for Earth.

Wakanda Prime is in more danger than ever as Emperor N’Jadaka – A.K.A. the resurrected Killmonger, one of the Black Panther’s deadliest enemies – returns to face the king who unintentionally brought him to power. Rated T

Probably the only Empyre tie-in book listed individually. I love this cover and despite the lack of heat since the Star storyline ended, this has been a great entertaining read and now that Captain Marvel is the Supreme Accuser, things could get more interesting.

Captain Marvel #18 Emp

Captain Marvel #18 (Mora Empyre Variant) Emp

CAPTAIN MARVEL IS THE SUPREME ACCUSER! In the throes of war, Carol finds herself with a bold new role – and a brand-new weapon – the Universal Weapon, in fact.

When a Kree soldier bombs a unified city of the Empire, Emperor Hulkling sends his new Accuser to bring down the swift and necessary hammer of justice. But what at first seems like a relatively simple directive will end up challenging Carol on a personal level she had never imagined. Rated T+

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  1. FYI, new character Virus that is coming in Venom #26, will actually be introduced in Spider-Man Venom FCBD issue.

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