April Previews 2020 – Marvel Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books coming out of April TBD Previews for Marvel Comics, if and when that actually happens.

So take a break from all the crap you’re trying to do around the house and see what could be coming soon from Marvel, with the spotlight picks out of April TBD Previews.

It’s approaching the big #850 legacy number, so they’re possibly leading up to something but I really dig the regular cover for this one. Maybe something actually happens in this issue since Amazing Spider-Man hasn’t been pretty non-eventful since, well, Red Goblin.

Amazing Spider-Man #47

Amazing Spider-Man #47 (Bagley Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man #47 (Garbett Living Vampire Variant)


Sin Eater has leveled up and is looking for more sins to eat.

His new target? A place with plenty of sins to go around: Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane. Spider-Man faces a conundrum he hasn’t faced before, and it is messing him up.

We are one month from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN LGY #850 and it is going to be a doozy.

I really enjoy Bagley’s art and Spider-Man in a straitjacket at Ravencroft makes a great cover (and it’s not bondage).

Amazing Spider-Man #48

Amazing Spider-Man #48 (Lopez Living Vampire Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man #48 (Bagley Variant)

Spider-Man has been pushed harder than he has in a very long time and in ways he has never been before.

How far can he be pushed before he breaks?

Who he has to face this issue is going to answer that very clearly as we are one issue from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN LGY #850!

I’m not sure how this next one is going to fare in today’s market as I still can’t see this character doing her own title. I feel like Marvel is just trying to push this character instead of allowing her to organically grow with interest. We all know what happens when they try to push characters onto the masses right? Usually results in failure.

But nevertheless, here’s another America Chavez book coming soon to a shop or digital download near you.

America Chavez Made in USA #1 (of 5)

America Chavez Made in USA #1 (Yoon Variant)
America Chavez Made in USA #1 (Hans Variant)

WHO IS AMERICA? America Chavez is incredible – her origins, her strength, her dimension-shattering star portals!

But when the foundation of everything she believes is shaken, America will stand up and face the parts of herself she’s been running from.

From writer Kalinda Vazquez (Marvel’s Runaways) and artist Carlos Gomez (Amazing Mary Jane) comes an explosive, brand-new story all about what made America Chavez who she is – and what she’ll do to protect the ones she loves.

It’s truly about time they started getting Moon Knight involved in other title stories. Plus, Scalera doing regular covers will win me over as well.

Avengers #35

Avengers #35 (Living Vampire Variant)

THE AGE OF KHONSHU! An empowered, godlike Moon Knight has just saved the world from fiery ruin.

Now an army of mummies and moon priests begins to reshape the world in the image of ancient Egypt. But where does that leave the Avengers?

Broken, imprisoned – or on the run in the moonlit streets of New Thebes City.

This next book is already getting some buzz with people talking, just on the cover art alone. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Daredevil #22 (2020)

Daredevil #22 (Living Vampire Variant)


Still grappling with the blood on his hands, Matt Murdock makes one of the biggest choices of his life. But what effect will Matt’s choices have on DAREDEVIL? And what about the people who need him?

See why people are talking about DAREDEVIL as one of Marvel’s best ongoing series!

Here’s the cover a bit larger…

Daredevil #22 (2020)

Steve Orlando makes his Marvel Debut in this next title. I like Orlando’s writing, so maybe he can get better recognition over at Marvel than at DC.

Darkhold Alpha #1

Darkhold Alpha #1 (Smallwood Variant)

ENTER THE PAGES OF THE DARKHOLD… IF YOU DARE! Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando (Martian Manhunter, Batman, Wonder Woman) makes his Marvel debut with a story that will delight and terrify!

For hundreds of years, scholars and heroes alike have searched for the complete text of the Darkhold – A.K.A. the Book of the Damned, written by the elder god Chthon. Now one of the greatest sorcerers in the Multiverse has found it – and Chthon has found him.

To save them all, the Scarlet Witch must gather the world’s greatest heroes… and unleash their inner darkness. Witness the Marvel Universe’s descent into chaos!

I’ve been longing for a good Spider-Man title and story. Maybe this is the answer since Amazing Spider-Man has been a total letdown for me when it comes to actual excitement. There are a lot of covers (I sense a future drek), so it’s gonna boil down to picking your favorite and leaving it at that.

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Alex Ross Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Laroque Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Bachalo Wrpad Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Young Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Artist a Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Blank Variant)

Get ready for the most action-packed, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-pumping comic OF ALL TIME! As the name implies, once you read page one, panel one, SPIDER-MAN DOES NOT STOP!

A mystery at Empire State University thrusts Spider-Man into an adventure that starts in uptown Manhattan and will take him around the world, pitting him against Marvel Universe villains old and new and give you a Spider-Man adventure (and Spider-Man) the likes of which you’ve never seen.


I’m behind but this title I’ve been looking forward to. Maybe I’ll make it a Lockdown Reading List in the near future (well, hopefully this issue is released soon as I’d rather read the entire arc in one sitting).

Robert E Howards Dark Agnes #5 (of 5)



THE KILLER shows their true face!

DARK AGNES’ past catches up with her!

Don’t miss the shocking finale of DARK AGNES’ inaugural comic series!

The movie is eventually coming so of course Marvel needs to start bringing back the character in print. I never read the originals, just didn’t get into it for some reason but I might have to check them out and this one to familiarize myself before the movie (because the family can’t seem to read this crap themselves and always ask me questions after the movies).

Shang-Chi #1 (of 5)

Shang-Chi #1 (of 5) (Hidden Gem Variant)
Shang-Chi #1 (of 5) (Inhyuk Lee Variant)
Shang-Chi #1 (of 5) (Ron Lim Variant)
Shang-Chi #1 (of 5) (Sneaker Variant)

THE MASTER RETURNS! An ancient and evil secret society has stayed in hiding since the death of their leader, Zheng Zhu.

But now his successor has been chosen to shift the balance of power in the world…Zheng Zhu’s son, Shang-Chi! Witness the Marvel Universe’s greatest fighter return to a world of death and destruction he thought he left behind long ago…and discover the secrets to Shang-Chi’s past that will change his world forever.

Don’t miss out on this epic tale of family, betrayal and justice as the incredible team of Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese), Dike Ruan (SPIDER-VERSE, BLACK CAT) and Philip Tan (UNCANNY X-MEN) launch a new chapter in the legend of Shang-Chi!

We need more Spider-Man Noir. The mini-series continues…

Spider-Man Noir #4 (of 5)

The drums of war continue to beat SPIDER-MAN NOIR down as he finds himself buried in the deserts of Babylon! 

Will the sands drown our hero, or will he withstand the hammering and save the day?

I love the bounty hunters in Star Wars. So this is a must pickup. Plus it’s got a great cover of Boba Fett by Lee Bermejo.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #5

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #5 (Sprouse Empire Strikes Back Variant)


Only one man can stop BOBA FETT from executing his long sought vengeance. But can VALANCE survive the battle of the two greatest bounty hunters of their age?

Why did NAKANO LASH betray her team during their doomed mission to CORELLIA?

The answer could ignite an all-out crime war across the underworld and change Valance’s life forever.

Been a great read for any Star Wars fan and a must for any Darth Vader fan.

Star Wars Darth Vader #5 (2020)

Star Wars Darth Vader #5 (Sprouse Empire Strikes Back Variant)


DARTH VADER’S search for revenge against those who hid his son Luke reaches a terrible climax – at the tomb of PADMA AMIDALA!

What secrets does he learn? And who will pay as a result?

All the answers are coming – in the ruins of POLIS MASSA – the birthplace of Luke Skywalker!

The hit character out of Darth Vader is a must pickup. A new fan favorite and a great read. They could totally do a series on her droids alone and I’d likely read it.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #4


Trapped and betrayed, DOCTOR APHRA fights to escape the cursed city of VAALE before madness overcomes her!

Meanwhile, RONEN TAGGE’s sinister plan for the RINGS OF VAALE approaches fruition. Will Aphra be able to thwart him in time?

Like his writing or not, he still generates buzz and sales for Marvel. His new take on Thor has been pretty good though with earlier issues heating up and going back for reprints (and not the reprints announced prior to FOC or already printed alongside the first printings… like, real reprints due to actual demand, weeks or months later).

Thor #7 (2020)

Thor #7 (Klein Variant)
Thor #7 (Living Vampire Variant)

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MJOLNIR… And this is a poor time for the All-Father of Asgard to lose his primary weapon.

The Golden City is in chaos after Galactus’ ill-timed visit, and there are new threats on the horizon. Thor needs his hammer now more than ever…and yet the Uru grows heavier with every passing day.

What will it take for the God of Thunder to hang on to one of the most powerful weapons in the Multiverse?

Because we need more Spider-Man titles right? Could still be interesting, seems to focus more on the tech side of things, which could be good since that’s how the movie introduced Spider-Man back into the MCU.

Web of Spider-Man #1 (of 5)

Web of Spider-Man #1 (of 5) (Attraction Variant)

Peter Parker. Spider-Man. Scientist. Troublemaker?

Thanks to none other than Tony Stark, a new scientific research station for the teenage heroes of the Marvel Universe has just been completed – and Spider-Man just got an invitation to join!

Working alongside some of your favorite faces from the MU and a whole bunch of awesome new gadgets, and with Iron Man keeping an eye on the them, surely everything’s going to go great for the heroes, right? … Right?

Face front, True Believers, and treat yourself to this first issue in an adventure of the WORLDWIDE ENGINEERING BRIGADE!

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  1. Why did ASM reboot after 801?! Now we got issue 49 being actually 850….silly.

    Are we seeing and Iron Man/Daredevil mashup? The Iron Devil, perhaps? May have add that one to my pull…for whenever it shows up. Got nothing better to do while sitting out the virus…

    1. Nasty Dan Slott insisted he get to go to 801 as his last issue becuase then he’d have written an even 180. Seriously.

      Everything wrong with modern creators- spoiled man babies who literally want to control the market and blow up everyone’s collection based on their own OCD.

  2. Was going to stop pulling Thor at #6, after the Galactus storyline, but I want that #7 now just for the cover. Especially if Groot picks it up: “I am Gro—Worthy”!

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