Lockdown Reading List for Monday March 30th, 2020

It’s day 5 of the lock down reading challenge, to read books that have been on the ever growing read list.

Tonight I’m planning on reading November which is the first of a 3 sequence graphic novellas by Matt Fraction and Elsa Charretier.

The lives of three women intersect in a dark criminal underground. As fire and violence tears through their city over the course of a single day and night, they find that their lives are bound together by one man-who seems to be the cause of it all. One night. One city. Three women.

NOVEMBER: the first in a sequence of three graphic novellas by MATT FRACTION (SEX CRIMINALS, Hawkeye) and ELSA CHARRETIER (Star Wars, Infinite Loop), with colors by MATT HOLLINGSWORTH and exquisitely crafted lettering by cartoonist KURT ANKENY.

Fraction is either on his game or it’s meh. I’ll find out tonight if this is worthy.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Reading List for Monday March 30th, 2020”

  1. Finally reading the complete Watchmen.
    Also finally getting going with God of Thunder run.
    Lastly, getting into the Blood Realm series from Alterna

    1. That reminds me, long ago I picked up every Preacher trade to read and got halfway through the first book. Got distracted or something, never went back. Maybe now’s a good time to read that freaking series.

      God of Thunder was a great series, particularly the first two arc’s. The rest was good but the really great portion of the read is the first two arcs.

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