Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 113

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up family. I hope everyone is safe, enjoying and entertaining themselves during this time of lockdown. Lets all get though this together. Save some toilet paper for the next guy OK? You don’t need twelve packages of chicken. Don’t go nuts, this is not Mad Max, at least not yet. Batwoman is a great show. I have really enjoyed this weeks Supergirl. I need to catch up on reading comics but I did love Thor #4. Cates is killing it on that series. Now lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. The Zombie Survival Guide –  a graphic novel by Max Brooks this might be required reading if things get worse. First it starts with the virus. Then the stores have no more food (I am asking nicely leave me some, say four cases, of Red Bull.) Then the power grid goes, then it is everyone for themselves. Just be safe and enjoy this fun look at the end of the world $5 and up. There is an ashcan edition that was given away at cons, that is worth picking up.

2. Spawn #302 Second Print – thanks to my homie Mark at Calamity Collectables. Not sure why, but this book is now going for decent money. Spawn is beloved, has a loyal fanbase, a classic animated series, and anything from #298-304 are worth picking up. Yes they have mad print runs, mad variants, but the fans will start buying them all as they start to dry up give it time $10-25

3. Justice League Beyond #16 – origin of Big Barta. The New Gods movie is still coming, as is Mr. Miracle. Mr. Miracle by Tom King was #awesomesauce it is time for his wife to shine. Yes everyone is going after Mr. Miracle #4, but don’t forget to chase #18, the marriage of Scott Free and Barta. Mr. Miracle Volume 2 (1989) #28 and this issue for her origins $5 and up

4. Amazing Spiderman #285 – Mike Zeck Punisher cover,  Gang War part two. Always loved this cover, I remember it from when I was a boy and could still see a bit. Mike Zeck and Steven Grant’s Punisher is a classic, but fans shouldn’t pass this issue up, less than $10

5. Uncanny X-Men #183 – was mentioned during the fight scene in Deadpool 2. Just rewatched it. I can’t wait for Deadpool 3. Great Colossus vs Juggernaught in a  fight Wolverine started. It is just a great issue that needs more love $10-20

6. Incredible Hulk #172 – the Incredible Hulk vs the Juggernaut, this is a rare pre Giant Sized X-Men #1 appearance of the X-Men during the era of X-Men reprints in their own series.  Stuff like this and Marvel Team Up #4, and  Amazing Spiderman #92 are worth the pick up. One day soon, Mickey will be playing with his X-Men toys. $20 and up.

Well that is it for this this episode. Is it wrong to want to have youtube
steal cage matches for toilet paper? love you guys have a blessed and
safe week
blind adam out

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  1. Hey BA. Another solid fun article from ya. Thanks brother. If you’re in Vegas and need anything then please message me. I’m always happy to help if needed my friend.

    1. barney thanks for the friendship and surport.send me an email at comicpimpvip@gmaicom and when this over I will be back in sin city and I will buy a drink or a slice of pizzsa take care and be safe blind adam out

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