Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 114

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. I hope everyone is safe and staying at home, washing your hands, and enjoying some amazing comic books and entertainment. I have been experiencing some rough days so to everyone that has been helping me get through this crisis, thank you. First off, Batman Adventures the new digital comic is amazing. I hope they put this in print. Immortal Hulk #33 had a great twist. Money Shot by Vault is my new favorite indy book. Old school TMNT,Thundercats, and Family Guy have helped me get through the nights. I am planning something special for when this is over, and word to big bird if your thinking of going to church or keeping your wedding plans just stop the. Social Distancing is where it is at, and if you can’t live together through a crisis like this, then maybe reconsider those plans when it is over. Now lets make the money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Comic Book Marketplace #106 I miss old school price guides. This was one of my favorites. This features the history of Disney comics. Mickey Mouse is the ruler of the entertainment world. Mickey Mouse owns everything almost Marvel, Star Wars, The Muppets, even The Simpsons I love Disney comics and this is a must have for any Disney or comic book history fan $5-10

2. Detective Comics #659 3rd print – wow I am surprised how many parts of Knightfall had second and third prints, and some go for big money while some don’.t I now have a goal to put together a set or two of all the third prints and this one is cheap $5-10

3. Doom Patrol #63 (Second Series) – does anyone know when Season Two drops on dcu? Best comic book show made by DC and I watch everything (or almost everything) I love that the Doom Patrol show is based on the classic Grant Morison run starting in #19 and ending in this issue. Just a classic and Crazy Jane needs cosplay love $5

4. Doom Patrol #57 – this issue was used in the show. This is the origin of how the chief screwed everyone over. Made them into the doom patrol just weird and insae comic awesomness $5-10

5. Marvel Tales #153 – reprints Amazing Spiderman #15, the first appearance of Kraven the Hunter. He is on fire. Rumor is that we will finally get a live action Kraven and with the first thirty issues of
Amazing Spiderman reaching all time highs, the run of Marvel Tales from #137-190 is worth the hunt as it reprints ASM #1-50 and annuals #1-3 with color touched versions of the original covers. Just a great buy and this run brings back so many memories $10-20

6. Sensational Spiderman Annual 1996 – if you want a great, cheap Kraven the Hunter story then this is it. It features the story of Amazing Spiderman #15, but from Kraven’s point of view. Kraven is a great villain, not sure who should play him, but this is in dollar boxes just go hunting and enjoy $1-5

7. Tales to Astonish #62 and 63 – first appearance of the Leader. That is all the Leader has hit the big time go read Immortal Hulk #33 and you will understand why I put this on the hidden gem list. Just find the grade you can afford I also hope we get the leader in the She-Hulk show $20 and up

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #70 (Mirage Series) – this is the classic series, the comic that spawned action figures, videos games, and cartoons. This is the final issue of this series. This is a low printed issue, tough in the wild, and is a must for a full run. Now if I can only find the original video game from the arcades in a nice working shape $5-10

Well that is all for now, will have a couple more in the next couple of days. Lets all help each other get through this time. Stay healthy, wash those hands for 40 seconds, please the soap will wash away the germs, so we don’t cough and sneeze o.k. and if all possible, just stay at home. That was lame, but have a blessed week
blind adam out

20 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 114”

  1. Am the only one that just sees Gerard Butler as Kraven? No one else comes close. He has to be manly, swarthy and foreign.

    Also, they better put him in Spider-Man Home 3, not some bs solo movie. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, starring no one else!”

  2. You can buy the TMNT arcade game from 1UP Arcades. Wal-Mart carries them and I think they run between $300-$400.

        1. With the 1ups you’ll find them on clearance for $99 at Walmart every few months for the ones that don’t sell. I got the Marvel/X-men/punshier one for $200 on sale Christmas. The 4 players ones were $299 for Christmas

      1. Last week I had to pick up some groceries that my wife ordered at one of the Walmarts around here. Literally Hundreds of people were there, some with their entire families treating it like a day out…kids were coughing and sneezing. It was a mess and I was only in there for a minute. Thankfully they had the grocery pickup area in the back by the loading dock so I didn’t have to be inside. Couldn’t get out of there soon enough. Told my wife no more orders through them. Just too crowded. I literally took a shower and changed clothes when I got home. It was just all so odd. Seems most people are adhering to the stay at home unless you have to go out orders but some just don’t care. I mean I can understand if just one parent goes out to get what is needed but seeing entire, large families there, shopping for clothes and toys? A lot of those kids were older and could have stayed home to watch younger ones too. Just Ridiculous!

  3. I went heavy on preordering money shot, even got the Cohen exclusive and a signed Steely con cover…

    And I’m pretty much stuck on them. Seems nobody will care until a hbo deal is announced.

      1. pornhub excuslive shows are already a thing now where is the top ten list I was promised? comic tom has a top ten list those things called simplemans comics has a top ten list covrpirce has a top ten list the other day yous said you would do a top ten list and now I amdying to see your top ten list sir??I so want the movie rights to money shoot #testify blind adam out

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