Midtown Free Exclusive Variant With Every Purchase

For you Midtown shoppers, if you haven’t bought any back issues recently, seems any orders they’ll throw in a random Midtown Exclusive Variant for free, up through April 30th.

So even if you have no holes to fill and perhaps your local shop is still closed, if you want any of those new DC comics coming out next week, throw a few in your cart and get a freebie book.

Perfect way to spring clean and boost some potential sales while new books are pretty much on hiatus.

6 thoughts on “Midtown Free Exclusive Variant With Every Purchase”

      1. Yup, now let’s see if that movie starts to connect Sony’s Cinematic Universe with Marvel’s. Supposedly they want Tom Holland to at least have a Cameo as Spiderman.

        1. The two year waiting period for Marvel to be able to use Netflix’s Daredevil is up. Luke Cage and Ironfist will be available later this year. Punisher is a year away and Jessica Jones a year and 1/2 away from being able to be used in the MCU. If they choose to use them and not recast.

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