Blind Adam Hidde Gems Vol. 116

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up family. Thank for reading this each and every week. Thank you to everyone I have talked to during this difficult time. This is a weird time for comics, popular culture, and the world at large. Lets remember to help and love one another during this time. I wanted to point out  a few things before we jump in. First off Batman/The Flash The Button is an amazing story I think we will see some pay offs from this book down the road still. Second, I think the Green Hornet TV show is better then the 66 Batman show at times. Mark Millar’s Sharky the Bounty Hunter is a fun read and I hope we get a movie or a cartoon or something soon. Now lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that

1. All New Wolverine #28 – Gabby is named Honey Badger. Gabby  needs more cosplay love. #testify. She is an underrated character in my book and in this issue she gets her trademark name $5 and up

2. X-23 #11 and #12 final two issues of the last X-23 series. Honey Badger
upgrades her codename from Honey Badger, has a great fight with Wolverine clones, X-23 clones, and Honey Badger becomes Scout. Low print runs, great find with no new books coming out $5 and up

3. JLA Earth 2 – first comic book appearance of Eve Teschmacher. Eve or
Ms. Teschmacher is a legend hottie. One of the greatest blonds in comics with the long legs and she knows how to use them. Has only a handful of comic book appearances JLA  Earth 2,  Superman Red Sun #2 and Superman Returns the Prequel #3. All features Eve Teschmacher, all are $5-10 and worth the buy in

4. Detective Comics #623 – a dollar box find, Dick Sprang cover features
the Joker and just a great addition to the Joker cover collection $1-5

5. Scooby Doo Team Up #37 – Mystery Inc. teams up with Supergirl and Streaky the cat. Wow, Streaky the cat gets some love which is great. These kid books are tough in high grade, great reads, and have a ton of potential. (need to do a Scooby Doo Team Up spotlight). As Scooby Doo books are heating up and Supergirl has a loyal Arrowverse fan base. Plus her animated version reeks of awesomness $1-10

6. Ren and Stimpy #44 – a final issue for a fan favorite franchise Ren and
Stimpy is #awesomesauce. They are the voice of a generation without the
Simpsons and Ren and Stimpy we would have no Family Guy or Rick and
Morty or Adult Swim and that would be sad. I can’t believe this Marvel
comic lasted 44 issues, the last two #43 and #44 are ghosts and go for
$20-40 a pop.

7. Incredible Hulk #441 – Iconic movie homage cover. We talked sexy She-Hulk covers in the past and this is the best. To make this book even hotter, is there is a $1.50 price variant that is pretty hard to find.

Well that is it. Please stay safe. Please stay at home. Thank you all for being in my life, love you guys!
blind adam out

23 thoughts on “Blind Adam Hidde Gems Vol. 116”

    1. A CGC SS 9.8 went for $1000 yesterday another one went for $699 the day before, guess no one wanted a CBCS one with more signatures sitting for $495. Last Harley book I needed, it’s really hard for me to not buy a silver or bronze age 1st appearance with that kinda money and shell it out for a modern variant. Happy with the purchase glad some copies came down in price for me to get one.

      1. Nice purchase! No matter who grades it that cover will always be a classic and sought after. Its popularity isn’t going anywhere!

  1. I think it is time to get that Hulk #441. With the She Hulk show coming classic She Hulk covers will be gaining steam.

  2. I got those Ren & Stimpy comics from the rack when I was a kid, good times… It’s funny to think that every “ghost” of a comic was at one time available to buy new, had we only known.

    I firmly believe Rea & Stimpy is the Nicktoon that everyone of a certain age fondly remembers the best. Doug was cool and Rugrats was alright, I guess, but R&S is king. Nunathat Spongebob crap for me!

    1. The Ren and Stimpy soundtrack “You EEdiot!” is gold too. Great tunes, bluesy/jazzy, especially “Space Madness.” Musicians on there are top notch. I can trace my current day musical tastes to the influence of that orange cassette tape I listened to repeatedly back in the early 90s.

  3. I talked to Angel Medina one time about that Hulk Cover…he had a heck of a time trying to run it through the approval process at Marvel. He initially did draw it with a real gun, but that was not allowed. Ultimately, the toy ray gun was approved (obviously).

    1. I used to love cbcs. When I went to get some books graded the year before last, because of the delays, the guy at CBCS told me I was better off going with CGC. I appreciated the honestly. This was right around the time they moved. Haven’t been back since.

      1. I liked the early CBCS a lot but when Topps bought them things seemed to change a little. It is still a good company and I don’t mind buying CBCS graded books but I have switched back to CGC for submitting…for now. That’s a good thing I guess, having the competition may make them more appealing down the road as they change things up to compete. I also like that the graders notes are free.

        1. Newton rings started to show up again, and loose grading standards at cgc….so I went back to cbcs…at least for my PC books…

        2. That was Beckett who publishes sports price guides not Topps . Although I’m sending some stuff out to them only because they have a 15 percent off grading monthly special

    1. now i know why jim lee said the next 20 are head shots, other guts are stepping up

  4. Nice on the X-23 mention! (Although I have vested interest due to my user name) also have the Phoenix variant for X-23 28 that has a cool Jen Bartel cover ! Also the x-23 #21 from first series worth nothing it’s last issue and is incidentally a silent issue – homage to the classic GI JOE 21 storm shadow issue?

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