Snowpiercer Universe Timeline Revealed Ahead Of New TV Series!

Written by Olivier Bocquet
Illustrated by Jean Marc Rochette
Publisher: Titan Comics
9781787734449, SC, $24.99
On sale 7/21/2020

On a future, frozen Earth, humanity has been packed onto self-sustaining trains, doomed to circumnavigate the globe until the end of the interminable ice age – or until the engines give out.

When a scrap of music piques their interest, the inhabitants of the Icebreaker take the ultimate risk and cross the frozen ocean, a vast expanse with no train tracks… and no way to return to them.

August 2020 will see the Snowpiercer saga continue with SNOWPIERCER: THE PREQUEL PART 2: APOCALYPSE HC – the second chapter of Titan’s new prequel trilogy by original artist Jean-Marc Rochette and Eisner nominated writer, Matz.

Written by Matz
Illustrated by Jean-Marc Rochette
9781787730328, HC, $19.99
On sale 8/25/2020

After the extinction event that caused the new ice age, the train Snowpiercer travels perpetually around the globe, with the last survivors of humanity learning to come to terms with their new reality.



And you can find Part 1 already for sale, the first graphic novel in the series: Snowpiercer The Prequel Extinction which was released in September of 2019.

I actually had no idea this show was based on a graphic novel so it looks I’ll be ordering some new books myself I end up liking the show. Anyone else looking forward to this series?

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  1. I dont watch much Tv either, I hate commercials! Buuut netflix, movies, and youtube I be wathchin!! Also in comic book game it pays to be informed so I know about whats on Tv shows but not much of a watcher.

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