Cheap Slabs on eBay

Not grabbing any of the new DC books this week but still want to get your hands on some comics? Here are this week’s cheap slabs.


Still slabs up for less than $10

Less than $20

Walking Dead #176 Bill Sienkiewicz Michonne Variant – 9.8 listed at $19.95, not bad for Sienkiewicz art. Walking Dead fans should also check out the 9.8 #157 2nd Print for $19.95 as well.

Harley Quinn #14 – standard cover, at $19.95 with cheaper shipping.

New Avengers #23 Black and White Variant – these were available at Baltimore Comic Con a bunch of years ago. $18.98 plus shipping.

Black Panther The Sound and the Fury #1 eBay Variant – 9.8 of the eBay exclusive for $20.


You can see all the $20 and below slabs here

Less than $25

Powers of X #4 1:100 Variant – This 1:100 is not a 9.8 but still NM at 9.4. The virgin variant is listed at $24.98.

Batman #75 Bane Acetate Cover CGC 9.8 at $24.99.

Pearl #1 – Recent movie news, you can see that here, CGC 9.8 for $25.

DCeased #1 Blank Sketch Cover – Blank sketch cover in 9.8 for $24.99

Justice League of America #1 Mattina Sketch Cover – I think this was a store exclusive, but 9.8 at $24.99.

Hexed #1 Boom Studios recently signed a deal with Netflix. A $25 Boom 9.8 could turn out to be a good deal.

You can see at the $25 or less slabs here.

6 thoughts on “Cheap Slabs on eBay”

  1. I bought Hillbilly 1 cgc 9.6 SS Eric Powell and hillbilly 2 cgc 9.8 sa Eric Powell for a grand total of $56 including shipping the other day on the Mercari app. 🙂

    1. I love Mercari but half the time I don’t get what I buy, just had someone cancel on me two day’s ago. You can’t leave feedback when something like that happens so no way of knowing how unscrupulous someone is.

      1. Had someone cancel a nm98 that looked mint for $240. I was bummed. Same seller canceled about $1000 in sales that night.

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