Nova in Works at Marvel Studios

One of the internet’s biggest leakers has just revealed that Nova is in the works at Marvel Studios.

As always, and nothing concrete yet, but a very famous (infamous) internet leaker who is close to, and often very right about, Marvel Projects, has updated that Nova is in the works at Marvel Studios.

As always with Marvel projects, will if be Richard Rider Nova, who first appeared in Nova #1 or the younger Sam Alexander, who first appears in Marvel Now Point 1 (which is a really heap modern first appearance)

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    1. 9.8s were $300 for most part of a decade really not the time to get one now. My copy I paid $10 for 8 years ago solid vf. People been saying Nova to the MCU since news they were making a GOTG movie.

    2. We have different definitions of “reasonably priced” at this point. lol I should have pulled the trigger forever ago when I was seeing them in boxes at small local weekend cons…but even with that sort of miss, ebay etc doesn’t have any condition selling for prices that I personally like. Hope you find a good one for you though! What I went searching for, however, was something else that could impact a Nova film and maybe get a nice kick in the “value” pants – the Nova Corps. What I have found though, is that finding Fantastic For #’s 204 & 205 in NM condition raw….is like, impossible. Found a few decent copies, but wow, a total shortage of high quality issues out there currently.

    1. This guy is an insider, He is well known and often quoted by not only small sites like us but bigger guys. To be honest many of his posts that I have put up are often officially announced a few days to a few weeks later.

      1. Yes we all know…Roger Wardell…no reason to keep it a secret. And the Illuminerdi site broke the story today.

        1. Roger Wardell? No. And they are probably using the same site. The problem is Monopoly, I don’t read a lot of other sites. Still working full time. Glad they “broke the story” that someone else put out.

          1. Are you talking about that Charles Murphy buffoon? He’s an arrogant a-hole, no offense. He’s been wrong just as much as he’s been right and then claims”plans changed.” I can’t stand the guy because every time he opens his mouth, another comic artificially goes up in price when it may not even be true.

              1. But maybe instead of focusing on who in the media is right or wrong, who posted what first, and where did the source come from, and commenting on the content itself would make the conversation more constructive.

                1. I agree. A lot of websites report the same news. News makes the rounds on the interwebs. Here at CHU we try to reveal our sources when we read it from another site, most of the time even linking to the news or giving the person who brought it to our attention in comments or the forums credit with a shout out.

                  Why switch the focus? Comment on the news itself, who the F cares who was first in reporting it?

                2. I gave up on that “we posted first” game a long time ago. Doesn’t matter. In the end a bigger place will end up credit for the story anyway.

                3. Revealing the website/source is the only way to legitimately decide if the info is fake or real. There are ALOT of fake rumors pushed by people with books to sell. You may not care, but I rely on who broke news first.

                4. We usually source where we get info from. This one we will not. Sorry. We have no interest in pushing rumors or “fake news” it does us no good, ruins reputations, and costs people money. We strive to be honest, not “pump and dump”, and have the best interest of our readers at heart.

              2. Putting aside whether you think Charles is legit or not, he’s a complete fool who enjoys basking in the fake limelight his one source affords him and then gleefully spoils things for everyone. He comes across as a narcissist. You should not be praising him, least of all on a spec site.

          2. Roger has not been proven wrong. If you’re talking about Lords of the Longbox or Mikey Sutton, they are both 100% fake rumor starters. They have no inside info.

            1. Um never heard of Mikey Sutton and only have heard of lords of the long box but never watched. I think they are the equivalent of Cosmic Book website. Roger Wardell has been wrong on quite a bit, symbiote appearing in the last Avengers movie for one.

  1. I bet Sam Alexander will be the main movie version with Richard Rider being a mentor. It will be similar to Ant-man.

    1. Sam Alexander’s one good story evolves around Thanos so kinda missed the boat is why I say he’s not even in the movie.

    1. Fake News making another random issue go up in value again. This should only happen when we get an official announcement from Feige or Disney personally, not these rumors.

      1. Not “fake news” I hate that term. It’s a heads up. Everything I have posted from this source gets an official announcement a few weeks later. Take it as you will, I have no desire to make this issue pop. It benefits me none. Making the claim that I am trying to make a random issue go up in value makes me money how? Check my eBay listings. Not selling any of them. I have one copy and since comic shops in my area are closed, can not go out and load up on them to make money off them.

        1. Anthony, you seem a little extra salty today and are taking things way too personally. Nobody was slamming you, I think you’re reading into the various posts a bit too much. Is everything ok?

          1. Everything is fine and I am usually not salty at all. Just the amount of complaining, attacks, and insults, plus the accusations that I am trying to drive up the prices on books for no reason gets old.

            1. I wasn’t accusing you of anything. Read what I wrote again. Fair enough, but no need to jump down people’s throats when you misinterpreted what I wrote. “Mean” would be saying you guys just copy the news from elsewhere, which was the Fake News source I was referring to. Anyway you seemed upset on the other threads too.

      1. Seems like everyone and their brother are pressing their books these days. Does anyone here have a concern on what the long term effects of pressing will have on our hobby? Not everyone can be an expert at it. The only book I personally ever had pressed was a subscription copy of Detective #359 done through CGC. Got a 6.0 grade. To me, it’s buyer beware. Don’t buy a book off Ebay if the seller won’t show a photo of the back cover.

        1. I don’t press. I have used a presser a couple of times though. I do worry about introducing steam to the book long term. But library of Congress uses a lot of the same techniques.

        2. I have wondered this myself. It’s something I’d love to hear more discussion about and rarely do. Afterall, it could literally blowup the entire slabbed industry if there were to be found long term effects.

  2. its gonna be sam alexander, with kamala khan already announced for disney+ a champions show or movie will be made and you cant do that without sam

  3. Would be way better they drop Nova for a proper Silver Surfer movie and use Nova in GOTG 3 in the battle against Adam.

      1. Also they already set up Richard Riders origin by destroying Xandar in the MCU and when he took up the helm he too was a teenager just like Sam so the casting won’t tell us much either.

  4. I agree with Alana ..Having Rider be the mentor and Alexander be the main..hes younger plus he enjoys ESPN and Snickers …Disney owns ESPN so thats free advertising plus a venture with Snickers marketing ..makes sense to me

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