New Art and Final Lineup Revealed for THE JOKER 80TH ANNIVERSARY 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #1 + Punchline Tidbits

This one has been on the radar extra long due to the lockdown and shutdowns. But DC is revealing the final lineup and some artwork for the upcoming Joker 80th Anniversary Special hitting shelves soon.

Some of the greatest talents in comics celebrate one of pop culture’s most iconic and enduring villains in sinister style with The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1!

Here’s a full list of contents for the one-shot:

  • “Scars” by Scott Snyder and Jock
  • “What Comes at the End of a Joke” by James Tynion IV and Mikel Janín
  • “Kill the Batman” by Gary Whitta & Greg Miller and Dan Mora
  • “Introducing the Dove Corps” by Denny O’Neil and José Luis García-López
  • “The War Within” by Peter J. Tomasi and Simone Bianchi
  • “The Last Smile” by Paul Dini and Riley Rossmo
  • “Birthday Bugs” by Tom Taylor and Eduardo Risso
  • “No Heroes” by Eduardo Medeiros and Rafael Albuquerque
  • “Penance” by Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey
  • “Two Fell Into the Hornet’s Nest” by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo
  • Pin-ups by Kelly Jones & Michelle Madsen; Stjepan Sejic; Ivan Reis & Marcelo Maiolo; Tim Sale & Brennan Wagner; John Romita Jr., Danny Miki & Peter Steigerwald; Fiona Staples

Additionally, DC shares new art from “What Comes at the End of a Joke,” the origin of breakout new character Punchline!

Tynion clarified in his online blog that Punchline is not an original character that some are trying to speculate on. Punchline is new, with new origin story when speaking about Joker 80th special.

So this news makes Batman #89 and YOTV Hell Arisen #3 that more special being her first appearances. I’ll go on to quote him:

This is going to feature a story that reveals Punchline’s secret origin (spoilers: she is an original character, and wasn’t any of the older characters you’ve been tweeting at me asking if she is). Mikel Janin drew the story, and did a fucking phenomenal job, and I am very very excited for you to read it. This whole book is going to be something twisted and special, and highlight the greatest villain in all of comic bookery.

The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 – with a main cover by Greg Capullo, eight decade variant covers, and a blank variant cover – is on sale June 9, with a Final Order Cutoff date of Monday, May 11.

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  1. the artgerm exclusive he did is best cover, he did special metal edition limited to 25. hate i missed it

    1. What metal are you talking about. I didn’t see it pop up anywhere. If it is real I’d be mad I missed out.

  2. Besides Dini and tired old Denny, this is just the same line up of people from the last 1few years they bring out every time it’s one of these anniversaries. There really is no reason for Brian Azzarello in a “best of” theme.

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