Barzinga With Anthony

Here is a fun little podcast I did many weeks ago, I was still in my old house at the time.

The show is called Barzinga and is hosted by Chris Roan and Rich Henn (CGC Boards and Signature Rep). It’s about beer, comics, and pop culture. They were originally broadcast live but are finally putting their previous episodes on YouTube. Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Barzinga With Anthony”

  1. Shake Chocolate porter sounds sooooo good right about now! Still doped up on freakin percocet from my surgery last December. Haven’t had a beer since probably Thanksgiving. When I’m finally off this crap I think I am going to look up that chocolate one. If I can’t wait I’ll just down a Newcastle. Still a few months off.

      1. Ha! I hear ya! I am feeling better. Little by little. Thanks for asking. All my Doctor appointments have been canceled for the foreseeable future, so I took it upon myself to self ween off the junk a little. Last month I close to halved my dosage with consent of my Doctor/Surgeon. Wasn’t easy. Had kind of a rough week but now feel “normal” with what i am taking. I will probably ween off more next month. I just hate the anxiety that comes with the weening but I just don’t want to get any long term dependencies on any medication especially with a little one around. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be back to 100% or close enough to where I won’t need any meds to get by.

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