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Everglade Angels is a suspense thriller that’d I call a new age Stand by Me and Scream mashup. Minus the dead body seeking adventure from the group, this follows a group of girls from the high school softball team setting out on a party adventure without parents to their last game in Miami.

What was initially a April release date for this new title has been pushed back to June due to COVID-19 lock down and stoppage of non necessity services.

But with less restrictions now coming around, this one is making it’s way unless there’s another bump in the reopening path, which is quite possible. But that’s a discussion for another website.

I got a hold of an advance review copy though of this book and at first glance, I was not anticipating this would be my cuppa tea. I was wrong, I loved it. From the sassy software girls to the trouble they run into, I can’t wait to see where this goes.

A small group of girls from the same high school softball team, the Everglade Angels, decide to take their own road trip to Miami for the last game of the season, taking a shortcut through the everglades in a time period before most carried cell phones with GPS, this turns into trouble for the girls.

The girls need to fill up as they make their way through the Everglade swamps and discover the overly happy and nice gas attendant claims they have the best parties in the Glades.

You know this just reeks of potential trouble. But of course it’s going to be hard for a group of high schoolers to pass up on a party, playing out their last and final game of their season for their high school baseball team the night before.

The van ends up getting stuck in the mud of the address they were given to the supposed party of the century, which appears to be an old abandoned house. I recall the big houses that were dark and quiet on the outside but the party going on in the basement in my college days so this is typical, one would think who’s familiar with how this goes.

But as Gemma approaches the house to confirm, leaving the others in the van, this is where the real fun begins and their night will take a complete turn with their expected plans before their final game of the season in Miami.

Some of the story is a little predictable but that comes with all suspense thriller horror stories but with a little added twist when the girls go assist Gemma getting potentially gutted by the creepy cult members who look very prepared for the current pandemic with their masks (sorry, just couldn’t resist).

Lobdell and Scott nail the high school girl mentality I think while Roc Upchurch’s artwork is refreshing. I really missed his art and glad he’s attempting a comeback after a hiatus in the comic game.

I’m really looking forward to the next issue and seeing where the story takes us. Overall, I’d give this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars if I were to rate it.

Once we get a new release date (originally April 15th) with pre-order available, we’ll try and get a bigger advanced sneak peak preview up.

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