CovrPrice Top 10 for Week Ending May 17, 2020

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics: (Please note, potential spoilers do follow, and, these results are for auction that closed last week. )

1. YOUNGBLOOD #2 PINK LOGO – Deadline reported that “Marc Guggenheim Set By Studio 8 To Script ‘Prophet’ From Character Hatched By ‘Deadpool’ Creator Rob Liefeld.” If you recall, Leifeld hinted at this option many months ago, creating movement for Prophets’ first appearance in this Youngblood #2 issue. It’s really hard to see this one happening… but who knows. In the #1 spot, it’s on the move again with 63 copies, had a 7-day trend of 121% and had a high sale of $120 for a CGC 9.8.

2. THE MIGHTY AVENGERS #13 (MARVEL, 2008) – Rumors have surfaced that there is a Secret Warriors project underway at Marvel Studios as they search for a writer. While this is unconfirmed, the mere mention of the project sparked immediate interest in the 1st appearance of the Secret Warriors – Mighty Avengers #13 (Marvel, 2008). There’s also a 2nd print with only 5,300 initial orders that is going for around $40 on eBay. This is likely a short term price spike so be cautious about buying right now unless you can find copies at pre-spike levels. Check out the sales history on CovrPrice for the historical perspective. It sold 35 copies, had a 7-day trend of 216% and had a high sale of $53.35 for a CGC 9.6.

3. ANNIHILATION CONQUEST WRAITH #2 (MARVEL, 2007) – As we mentioned with WRAITH #1, Sir Donny Cates recently tweeted about Wraith having a direct connection to Knull, lighting his key books on fire. This is one of those. This issue features the 1st appearance of parasitic entities made of living darkness known as THE EXOLON. OF WHICH, Wraith is infected by and provides him the enhanced speed, strength, agility, a healing factor and the ability to absorb energy blasts. The interesting theory is that they were created by Knull and considered kindred of the Klyntar. Maybe that’s simply the connection right there? It sold 19 copies, had a 7-day trend of 358% and had a high sale of $100 for a CGC 9.6.

4. WRETCHES #1 (SCOUT, 2019) – Scout recently announced that this book is “in development as a one-hour sci-fi adventure series by screenwriter Bianca Ursillo, with Andy Cohen of Grade A Entertainment (GIFTED) and Scout Comics attached to executive produce.” Out of all the new HOT content announcements, we were wondering which ones would land on the TOP 10… and this was the one that floated to the top with the biggest trend percentage at 204%, moved 20 copies and had a high sale of $24.97 for a raw copy. Be sure to take advantage of CovrPrice’s 20% off Promo Code for anything at Scout Comics’ website (Promo Code: “Wretch”)

5. STAR WARS #42 (MARVEL, 1980) – Long before THE MANDALORIAN Season One hit Disney+, fans were already asking WHEN we would see Boba Fett in the series. Well, this week we got our answer as it was confirmed Temuera Morrison will once again play Boba Fett in Season 2 of THE MANDALORIAN. His first appearance in STAR WARS #42 is already beginning to move. Though, it might be hard to top the rare CGC 9.9 sale of $6,600 back in 2016. While on Star Wars… there have been additional MANDALORIAN 2 casting rumors for significant Star Wars characters (like Dr. Aphra). Even if a few of the rumors are true… then Star Wars books are about to go even crazier. Star Wars #42 sold 30 copies, had a 7-day trend of 133% and had a high sale of $574.99 for a CGC 9.8.

6. THE NEW GODS #9 (DC, 1972) – Man, Twitter can sure move books. NEW GODS director Ava DuVernay tweeted a response to a fan itching for an update on the NEW GODS film. Ms. DuVernay responded with, “Because you asked so nicely… working on fourth draft of a scene featuring All Widow this week. Xo”. ALL WIDOW’s first appearance is in this issue (as well as the character Forager). Thanks to this little nugget of confirmation, this book sold 20 copies, had a 7-day trend of 202% and had a high sale of $175 for a CGC 9.6.

7. LAZARUS #1 (IMAGE, 2013) – Unconfirmed reports have come out stating that Amazon MAY be getting close to greenlighting this project. Doesn’t sound too solid. Regardless, this book has yo-yo’d in values for years with various content announcements and landed in this week’s TOP 10. It sold 23 copies, had a 7-day trend of 171% and had a high sale of $100 for a CGC 9.8.

8. ANNIHILATION CONQUEST WRAITH #1 (MARVEL, 2007) – Sir Donny Cates recently tweeted about Wraith (who’s first FULL appearance is in this issue) having a direct connection to Knull (see tweet below)… which was enough to light a big fire under this book. We’ll talk more about that connection in the #3 spot. In the meantime, look for more details of this connection in the upcoming WEB OF VENOM: WRAITH by Mr. Cates. It sold 16 copies, had a 7-day trend of 242% and had a high sale of $250 for a CGC 9.8 (and raws hitting $81!)

9. NOVA #1 (MARVEL, 1976) – Nova has taken us on several content rumor spikes now… ENDGAME/ INFINITY WARS writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely hinted that they were trying to incorporate him, the Russo Brothers made an off-hand comment about how HE ALREADY WAS in Endgame (in the final battle scene) and then a day or two later said they were joking, Kevin Feige was directly quoted on Nova having “immediate potential for an MCU debut” and then now, with new rumors that we’re close to an MCU debut. How close? Still unknown. Regardless, this book is moving again and sold 28 copies, had a 7-day trend of 132% and had a high sale of $950 for a CGC 9.8.

10. DARTH VADER #3 (MARVEL, 2015) – A couple weeks ago, there was an announcement that a “Female-Focused ‘Star Wars’ Series From ‘Russian Doll’ Co-Creator was in the Works at Disney Plus”. Per the article, Insiders claim that this will “take place in a different part of the “Star Wars” timeline than other projects.” Fans felt this meant Dr. Aphra, who’s first is in Darth Vader #3. However, more recent rumors now suggest she’ll show up in MANDALORIAN season 2. Who knows. It sold 33 copies, had a 7-day trend of 106% and had a high sale of $289.99 for a CGC 9.8.

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  1. Wouldn’t have a problem flipping this stuff out of my collection except for Nova 1 and Vader 3

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