Friday Morning Spec Catch-up

Another good week for media news on options and other media happenings dealing with comic books. Here is a wrap up of the mid-week forward events.

First up, rumor has it that Naruto will be making its jump from animation to live action in the states thanks to Lionsgate films. There was apparently a casting call for the leads. Not sure if this is the first appearance in the US or not, but a couple of copies of Shonen Jump #1 have sold for more than double what copies sold for in April. Two auctions, one in the Mid $12 range and one in the $14 range. This was a preview of the mangas that would be in the ongoing. These were looked over as they were freebies and may be out there in back issue bins. Good luck finding Naruto’s real first appearance in Akamaru Jump #03 1997

The off again, on again, off again, on again New Mutants Movie got a new release date. It was heavily speculated this could end up straight to Disney Plus, but will be in theaters August 28th, 2020. New Mutants #1 and Marvel Graphic Novel #4 are back into play.

Deadline reported that HBO Max is in the early development stage of a feature adaptation for the Trottle novella. Comicbook Speculation mentioned the IDW series Road Rage featured an adaptation of the story. Copies are selling for $16-$40 depending on cover.

1990’s Image Comics and Maximum Press series Black Flag has garnered some attention. Dan Fraga, the artist of the series, is bringing the book back via Indiegogo. He also went online to say he is a part of the “Comicsgate” movement. Not sure if it is the attention from the Indiegogo or from the “Comicsgate” hubbub, but copies are selling for $55 for the wrap cover and $30 for the preview edition. The preview edition from Image is a jam piece between Fraga and Todd McFarlane. Copies of both the Maximum Press #1 and the Image Comics Preview are for sale on Amazon.

Let me know if you saw something we missed.

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  1. Dan Fraga teased the return of Black Flag on March 4th on twitter. And hes playing the speculation game too.

      1. I’m pretty sure they’re not doing it for spec reasons though but for “marketing” reasons.. I just can’t see creators sitting around with a stack of their own books, ready to sell them on eBay.. 😉

        1. No. But creators like Tynion are definitely playing to the speculators. I am sure they are not sitting around with copies to sell but trying to move copies via the spec market.

  2. I sent the weekend specs Anthony. Was having trouble with the email use the one that has all the pictures attached about 4 went through without the pictures for some reason.

  3. Ha! Funny thing. I am re-watching the Naruto series from the beginning. I just don’t see it being a live action movie is show. There have been couple of anime that have made it into the live action, and they are not as good as the anime. I could be wrong on this one though. Definitely looking forward to it since Naruto was the first series that my wife and I watched together when we first got married lol.

  4. I wonder why they decided to do a theatrical release for new mutants?

    I don’t know about the overall attitude in the US, but here in Canada, even if theaters manage to be open by Aug., I doubt many will choose to attend.

    At least on Disney+ they don’t have to release the numbers and could pretend it’s a success.

    1. The movies that have been released to download have done surprisingly well. For example Trolls cost $20. For me to take my kids the the theater it would cost me about $50 without concessions. So I am good with digital releases.

      1. We rented trolls for $20 too. Didn’t think I’d ever pay $20 for an amazon 2 day rental…yet there I was! And yes, cheaper than the real movies.

        1. So, it can be played on multiple TVs and the iPhone XS Max has a video camera that makes real high quality recordings. Just saying a nice sized tv in a dark room with no kids and the movie playing…..

  5. will belive it when I see it with the new mutants mvie.however just from the trailers alone.magic will steal the movie like a theif in the night.i will not surport black flag f-you comics gate and all you stand for youguys blind adam out

  6. With New Mutants being released in theaters (maybe), I am surprised that her first appearance in New Mutants or Uncanny X-men wasn’t included. Agreeing with Adam that I hope she steals the show and being a fan favorite may spark more interest in her books.

    1. Mutants are born mutants so the whole baby argument and all that jazz. Even though she’s not a baby in Giant Size X-men #1 she’s a kid don’t know why people try and tag it as a baby appearance. She appears in 5 panels and for all we know she uses her powers to activate her brothers mutant abilities for the first time. By not counting it as her 1st appearance its like saying the Power Pack, X23, Gabby, all the teen titans like Kid Flash and the boy wonder Robin don’t exist.

      1. I can also tell you she is in the movie as a child like 6yo with powers, the part is being played by two actresses one in her early 20s and a child actor at 6 maybe younger when actually filmed.

  7. Some other news Azrael will appear in Batwoman who already appeared on Gotham and it didn’t move the needle to much. Wytches is still in development. New Maestro comic coming and rumor he could be the next MCU villain.

    1. I need to list some Wytches. Sold a 9.8 Cover A a while ago. I had three and still have a signature series NYCC variant. Have a ton of wytches. Been locked and loaded on that one.

        1. His first appearance is also on key collector top 20 this weekend 809% increase in sales from the previous week.

          1. Someone came with the theory of World War Hulk as a possible villain and then someone explained on reddit that Hulk snapping his fingers with the gauntlet could of created Maestro by creating an evil alternative future Hulk with the gauntlet because maybe he tried to snap back Widow as well as everyone else and that’s punishment for breaking the rules of the infinity stones, just a Reddit theory between it and the new series it’s moving books.

        2. Thats not even a rumor. Thats made -p bs from Reddit.
          Rumors come from credible sources. This aint it.

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