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What up CHU? Its been a long time, and I miss y’all. Mel V. here and I  definitely been on a writing hiatus, but I’m back like that dude from Camp Crystal Lake. I was thinking to myself, “what can I do too scratch my creative itch during this Covid mess?” Hmmm, why not  bring the “Easel of Elevation” to the world and to the spot where I started, Anthony gave me my first start. I gotta be honest this wont be a daily, weekly, or even a monthly segment, but when I do make one it will be here .

The Easel of Elevation was something I used to do on my old podcasts. So what you need to know, this is just spec. Nothing is law or set in stone. These are just joints I like, or wanna see made, or would be good ideas in my opinion.

Like this, Timothy Olyphant just signed on to be in the Mandalorian. I was sitting here thinking, damn, he looks like Dash Render (Shout out to Knowledgeable Danny for putting that in my mind) his first comic appearance is Shadows of The Empire #2 (shout to Dale Horton) even though he is on the cover of issue 1 but does not show up in the book until Issue 2. Again, no conformation he will be Dash at all, but these can be found for cheap for now.  

Star Wars Republic #51 – First appearance of Durge. I’m just know learning about Durge and Durge is a bad mofo. Will we see him on TV? I doubt it, could we see him in the ‘Bounty Hunter’ comic. Good possibility …hes a regenerating hater of Mandalorians. Just a super bad ass, check out his history.

This next one is a new feature called MEL V’S APB, I wanna find this book for my PC and what better place is there to put a APB out? Is there any spec behind this? No, other than the fact the cover is awesome and it’s a Skottie Young. I’m currently looking for a copy of Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed #4 Variant, if any of y’all find one shoot me a holla ..thanks

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  1. Welcome back Mel… (Nase’s ‘Welcome’ back playing in the background 🙂 )…

    Cool article, will be on the hunt for that Showdows of the Empire comic…

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but Dash Rendar dies in the end of the video game that he’s from Shadows of the Empire and his story takes place in the timeline when solo takes place pre a new hope. Pretty sure I beat it way back in the day.

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