Cheap Slabs on eBay

Skipped over doing this last week as there was not too much on of interest. This week is a different story as a bunch of new CGC graded 9.8’s came on the market for under $20. Check out the list below.

Not much below $10 except a Marvel Knights Daredevil #57 9.8 with a cracked case.

Under $18
A bunch of Spider-man slabs hit today at $17.99 each plus shipping.
Amazing Spiderman #418 9.8 CGC at $17.99, the return of Norman Osborn.

Spectacular Spider-Man #240 (the listing says it is #418, but it is not. Same seller as ASM.

Spider-man #75 CGC 9.8 this is signed by John Romita Jr. but has a green label. Same seller, same $17.99 price tag.

Sensational Spider-Man #11 Mendal Stromm revealed as Gaunt.

You can see all the $18 and below slabs here

Below $20

Gear Station #1 Gold Foil Variant – Dan Fraga’s Black Flag has been getting a lot of attention lately, here is another of his creations, Gear Station, with a gold foil logo, for $18.05.

Flash #46 Mattina Variant Cgc 9.8 featuring Mattina art for $19.99

Teen Titans #30 Kenneth Rocaforte Variant same seller, this one combine shipping, for $19.99.

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Under $25
Gate Crashers #1 9.8 Red Label this one is more of an interesting piece of history as it is a CGC 9.8 Red Label. Used to be Red Labels were used for moderns before they switched over to the current Blue Labels for Moderns. Just a cool old slab. You do not see these much anymore, like the 9.5 Graded Wizard Firsts books

Green Lanterns #10 Luppacchino Variant a cool Emanuela Luppacchino cover for $24.99.

Avengers #315 John Byrne story featuring Spider-man and Nebulal for $25.

Batman #75 with the Tony Daniel overlay cover. Tons of people watching this one, 20 to be exact, at $24.99 but no one has pulled the trigger on it yet.

Heroes in Crisis #1 – Another one we mentioned a few weeks back, 13 watchers on it at $24.99.

You can see all the $20-$25 slabs here

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  1. Have a couple of red labeled CGC comics. They are getting kind of rare. How many years did CGC use this for moderns? I don’t recall it being all that long.

  2. Frosty Butt-Nuggets posting raws with “CGC IT!”, “CGC WORTHY!”, or “NOT CGC” in the title to get their listing more views! I want to Jay and Silent Bob their asses! Show up and say “are you user notcgc9.8?”…Punch in the face!

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