Pre-Game Report for 5/27/20

Its been a while since we could do one of these. It feels good to have comics shipping again. Also feels good to have new comics popping again. Here is what you need to know tonight for books in stores tomorrow.

Regular Covers
Blackwood Mourning After #3 Peach Momoko Cover I am a regular reader on this one series, and the series that preceded it. Its good reading but you cannot go wrong with Evan Dorkin. Listings on this one as high as $45 shipped with actual closings of $34.99, but pickings are slim right now online.


Dr Aphra #1 Retailers Summit Cover – The retailer summit didn’t happen but the variants must go on. We posted about these when they were cover price months ago on pre-order, now, they are selling for as high as $12.99 (keep checking before they sell out)

Venom #25 Retailers Summit Cover – same as above, we mentioned these a while ago, these are selling for as high as $15.00 (also check out for when these hit tonight.)

Venom #25 Funko Pop Variant – this could be the real winner of the book, these came when retailers ordered a certain amount of Pops. They are selling for $80 without the Pop and $100+ with the Pop.

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