Weekend Spec: Yellow Hulk, Blue Admiral, Green Armor

Happy Saturday everyone. What a great week for spec already. Star Wars has been on fire, the Star Wars comics are finally getting some love. We have seen multiple books blow up of late, and there is a chance for more. So this weekend we have some Star Wars spec, and the real first appearance of that Yellow Hulk as well.

Let’s start out with that uber hot Yellow Hulk that drove the prices up on Marvel Action Avengers #10. Like many things of late that have gained traction, Yellow Hulk had appeared in a What if comic. In fact the image to the left is from What If? #34. Credit goes to Lucas Fashina for discovering this one.





A very reputable internet leaker let loose that Grand Admiral Thrawn could be getting a lot of attention in the near future as he could be getting his own show. If this is true, look for Star Wars Heir to the Empire #1to jump further up in prices.

Boba Fett could be showing up in the Mandalorian season 2 and this time could be a female according to We Got This Covered. Boba Fett’s daughter comes to mind, perhaps she has taken over the armor after it “came back out” of the Sarlac pit. Ailyn Vel first appears in Star Wars Tales #7 also of interest is Star Wars Blood Ties Boba Fett is Dead #2. It also makes you wonder about that Escape from Monster Island Cosplay variant getting some love again.

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  1. Escape From Monster Islands print run for that cover was 100. Ive owned 13 of those at one point still have 1 left. It’s been reprinted on different zenoscope covers with different colors 3 times I believe and most recently reprinted with the same colors. It also spawned all the Zenoscope Star Wars covers like the ones with boobies and without. That lone 8.5 on eBay is all for sale anywhere.

      1. It is interesting that Thrawn originated from a non canon novel and then was made canon by appearing in Rebels. Female naked Boba Fett crawling out of the Sarlac pit is from another non canon novel. Maybe there’s a pattern here.

  2. We Got This Covered are 10% reliable, 90% bs. And from what I read from another source, Timothy Olyphant is the one wearing the Boba Fett armor.

    1. I don’t have that much faith in We got this covered anymore. Far too often they miss the mark. That being said I really hope we never see a female Boba Fett. If he had a daughter, fine, let her have her very own armor and go from there.

  3. I’m trying to help here. take it in that vein. I just spent $800 on a 12.8 CGCCS graded marvel action 10. The fear of missing out is real. If you ever intend to finance college or buy a house, obtaining this book, at whatever monetary or human cost is an absolute necessity. This book will only increase in demand forever. I predict that, should the Maestro Hulk timeline ever become reality, you will be able to trade your life for this book.

    1. Just great! Now all CGCCS 12.8 MA #10 copies will be selling for a grand! At least the PGXXX 12.8s are a little cheaper.

      1. do you remember the guy who bought the Peter Parker 176 for 36 dollars. Well, I just bought an Amazing Spider-man 36 PGCBS 13.6 for $12 million billion bucks…do you know why?

      1. Yes, Anthony actually posted the pic too in the article. So, I think what’s happening is due to the other colors on the page, it might appear he’s not as yellow as you think he is in the picture so let’s take a look at the full page where it shows Luke Cage as well, wearing a yellow t-shirt.

        Here is the actual page from the comic What If #34:

        Now, I brought up the page in a photo editor and the Hulk being surrounded by that purple hue type color, the yellow kind of looks greenish shade. But when you pulled up the color selector and hover over the color on Hulk, it comes up with color code #fef200 which is the same shade of yellow used on Luke Cages shirt in the same page from the book.

        Here is an image sample of that color on it’s own:

        I don’t know about the rest of you all but that looks pretty yellow to me.

        Agentpoyo, CHU Mythbuster! 🙂

    1. Now, I also downloaded the image that Anthony posted (which appears to be a snapshot from the actual newsprint) and it’s just a slight shade lighter from the likely retouched digital version. It comes up as color code #fffe4e which looks like this on it’s own:

      So yeah, still yellow.

  4. for all those going crazy over fomo on yellow hulk………………………………………….see hulkverine

    1. Oh man, I didn’t even notice the Luke Cage headliner on that page and what he says.. “Luke Cage is a Funky Honky!”… As a white man, should I be offended by that or the fact they do have white and power in the same sentence?

      This What If certainly wasn’t “politically correct” to today’s standards..

      1. So…the “What If?” in this issue is that his skin is white? Because “Funky Honkey” implies that his personality is the same. That means the interpretation that being white instead of black having any significance is completely racist. However, believing that Jamie Kennedy could represent the same way Mike Colter would is naive and laughable.

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