No FOC for USC this week

Comics are just getting back into gear. It’s great to have new comics back. The change for DC from Diamond to USC is going to take some adjustment and as such, USC has pushed back Final Order Cut-off date this week until next week to give retailers a chance to sign up.

Here is the full press release:

Ordinarily you would receive an FOC reminder email today, however, to give time for other retailers to sign up for an account, DC and UCS have suspended this week’s FOC (originally due on 6/8) and will resume FOC orders the following week (due on 6/15). This will allow additional time for retailers to get approved for an account and they will be able to order product without missing anything. As a result, there will be no new DC periodicals shipping the week of June 30th.

We wanted to also take the time and this space to address some of your concerns!

We have worked out a solution for CSV download to get the information needed to those customers using ComicHub and ComicsSuite. ComicHub format download is available now from the invoice page on your account. ComicSuite format will be available tomorrow. Click here for instructions on how to use these files.

We are currently working on better solutions for international shipping!
We want to reassure you the discount structure you received on DC products from Diamond will be honored by UCS.

Preliminary invoicing without shipping amounts (along with CSV file) will be available Wednesday mornings.

We are working closely with DC to get the trade dress images for all upcoming items onto our website as soon as they are available.
We are starting a new invoice ID format to better help determine if an invoice is a Weekly (FOC) Order or a Direct Ship Reorder.

We are listening to every suggestion from retailers and implementing solutions as soon as possible. Please continue to give us feedback and requests!

3 thoughts on “No FOC for USC this week”

  1. “We are currently working on better solutions for international shipping!” This is THE most important thing. LCSs in Canada have reported having a shipping cost of about 1000$ on a 1000$ order, it’s insane, 2 stores I know of said they would completely drop DC comics because charging double cover price just to not lose money is crazy.

      1. I understand that but you’d think they would have figured out a better solution before putting this into place. This is DC comics not a small mom and pop shop. It just looks like they didnt even have the smallest of plan going into this.

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