Descender and Ascender Picked Up for TV Series

Descender and Ascender by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen has been picked up for a television series according to You may remember that Descender was optioned for a movie by Sony before the book had even come out. That option has since expired and the media option has been picked up by Canada’s Lark Productions.

Thanks to The One Above Danny over in the forums for the heads up.

The characters and concepts first appear in Descender #1 which there were several variants for. The series continues in Ascender #1 (still available at Mycomicshop cheap.) had the exclusive on the story.

Canada’s Lark Productions has acquired the exclusive television rights to Image Comics’ sci-fi graphic novel series “Descender,” and its sequel “Ascender,” created by New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lemire (“Black Hammer”) and artist Dustin Nguyen (“Batman: Streets of Gotham”).

“Fortunate Son” producer Lark, which is part of NBCUniversal International Studios, will develop and produce the series.

“Descender” was launched in 2015 and 32 graphic novels (also known as comic books to comic fans) were published through 2018. It follows Tim-21, a companion robot who is thrust into a hostile cosmos when he discovers that he’s the missing link between a fleet of life-annihilating constructs and modern robotics. In 2016, Nguyen won the Eisner for best painter/multi-media artist for the series.

“Ascender” was launched in 2019. Set 10 years after the events of “Descender,” “Ascender” imagines a magical world sans machines and follows a young girl who embarks on an epic quest to find Tim-21.

Lemire said, “The world of “Descender” and “Ascender” just keeps growing, and Dustin and I are very happy to be working with Lark to bring it to televisions screens as well. Their passion for the comics and devotion to telling the story the right way has us both very excited.”

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    1. My painted visions variant was the only one up earlier. Last copy sold at $20 so I listed mine at $40. Sold straight away in less than ten minutes. Me thinks I priced it too low.

      1. I have the painted #1 the 4cg as well as another of the store variants… Time to cut at least one of them loose.

  1. If this really happens, and the deeper cuts in the series heat up, keep an eye on the variant for Descenders #22 which features the first cover appearance of the Ascenders protagonist! That’s a buy and hold gamble for sure.

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