Alana’s Weekend Spec: The Villains of Miles Morales

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs! This week we tackle the never ending list of villains who have crossed paths with Miles Morales. We all know Spider-Man villains for Peter Parker are big bucks, so let’s get ahead of that curve with Miles. This is a long one full of cheap specs and established keys, let’s jump in!

Amazing Spider-Man #78 1st Prowler Aaron Davis

Believe it or not this is the second most key book to Miles after his own 1st appearance in Ultimate Fallout #4. Aaron has taken on a few different mantles in his battles with Miles and is Miles’ Joker, Luthor, Magneto, Green Goblin type main villain.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #3 1st Snatcher

This is a really dark villain for Miles that hypnotizes children to commit crimes and kill. There’s even a page in the book with groups of young children pointing assault rifles at each other to stop Miles. There’s a cheapish 1:50 variant for this.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #6 1st Starling

The granddaughter of Vulture is a villain and redeemed crime fighter in the Miles mythos. We will have a few of the gender swap villains listed here.

Thor GoT #6, Venom #3 1st Knull

Think we have to mention this guy for all spider characters and symbiotes now.

Spider-Man #234 1st Miles Sinister Six

This is a twofer as it’s the first time Miles uncle suits up in the black iron spidey suit as well as Miles 1st Sinister Six appearance. This is a major book for Miles Morales villains and can be found in regular cover, lenticular, headshot, 2nd print, and 1:25 for cheap.

Captain America #310 1st Serpent Society

This book has many first appearances and a lot of them tangle with Miles at different times like Sidewinder, Anaconda, Diamondback. Even Crossbones (Captain America #359, 360) has been a part of the Serpent Society and mixed it up with Miles.

Ultimate Spider-Man #33, Ultimate Comics Spidermen #1, #19

Ok, Miles’ Venom is the Ultimate Venom who Conrad Marcus gets. Conrad is scientist that created the spider that bit Miles. Conrad first appears in Miles 2nd appearance Ultimate Comics Spidermen #1 he gets the Venom symbiote later introducing the new Venom in #19.

ASM Vol3 #2 1st Francine Frye, ASM Vol4 #17 as Electro.

This is the female version of Electro in Miles Sinister Six. Miles has also squared off against normal Max Dillion Electro from ASM #9.

Amazing Spider-Man #238 1st Hobgoblin

Another member of the Miles Sinister Six and the go to Goblin for him.

Web of Spider-Man #36 1st Tombstone

Tombstone is a major villain to Miles even more so than Peter Parker.

Amazing Spiderman #50 1st Kingpin

After the spectacular battle Miles and Kingpin had in Spiderverse they will forever be tied together.

Spectacular Spider-Man #97 1st Spot

Spot another member of the Miles Sinister Six. One of the strangest Marvel characters for sure.

Spider-Man The Power of Terror #2 1st Scorpia

The gender swapped Scorpion fights Miles from time to time. All the gender swap spidey villains got put with Miles for some reason.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 1st Bombshells 3rd Miles.

Yet another member of Miles Sinister Six. She first appears very early in the timeline of Miles.

Spiderverse Vol3 #5 1st Madame Swarm.

A one and done villain perfect for a future Spiderverse movie.

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #5 1st Modi Thorson.

The son of Thor and Hela um ewwww. Has mixed it up with Miles as well.

Ironheart #6 1st Tank

This is a one and done villain that Ironheart and Miles teamed up to beat. You never know this could have some importance with RiRi and Miles names being kicked around for future MCU appearances.

Powerman and Ironfist vol.2 #1, #2 1st Pagliacci

Another dark villain for the Champions team led by Miles. Demented opera clown who’s gang kidnaps children.

Totally Awesome Hulk #1 1st Lady Hellbender.

Another Champions villain that Miles deals with.

Amazing Spider-Man #41 1st Rhino

Friend and foe to Miles, the Rhino, first appears way back here. It’s undervalued in my opinion.

There’s a few more villains like Dr Doom, Evil Miles, and what not but will leave it at this. Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay strong, and happy hunting!

14 thoughts on “Alana’s Weekend Spec: The Villains of Miles Morales”

  1. Nice list. I have 0 of those books. Need to get some for my youngest since he’s a Spider-Man fan. He even cried when Stan Lee died and didn’t get to meet him.

        1. Agreed 2nd prints are all the rage but Cover A already features the Six and the 2nd print is just another view of them (just a non-lenticular cover of the lenticular one). That said, since IMO the 2nd print here wouldn’t be in play, everyone should buy ASAP 😉

  2. Nice article. I as actually going to request on the forums for someone to give a summary of Miles key issues (other than cover art), focusing on his rogues gallery spec. So thank you for this, Alana!

    Would love to see a Spider-Gwen rogues gallery too as I’m not entirely familiar with her story.

    When I look for spider spec, I’m thinking of three major buckets they fall into:

    1.) Slab worthy covers w/1st appearances. ASM V4 #17 fits that. So I’ll be on the lookout.

    2.) Characters either unique to the hero, made first appearances in their stories. Sterling fits here, so worth stashing a few Miles #6s away.

    But what about Spider-Men II #1 and Evil Miles? That’s my first choice. I sold a copy a few months ago…if only I knew where Miles was heading so soon…

    3.) Every Spider-Hero needs their incarnation of Venom and a Goblin. I suppose USM #33 is interesting, but Venom that will be for Miles truly is born in UCSM19…so will be looking for that in the future.

    As for the Goblin, I can’t see how ASM238 is the book to own in his case…I thought that Goblin was dead. Unless I’m missing something. I thought there was an ultimate hobgoblin or something.

    And I’ll also add an honorable mention spec category…old throw away characters that get new life as their personalities/backgrounds are a good fit for the new character. In this instance it’s Tombstome, and WoSM 36.

    1. I stand corrected…did a little research and it is Roderick Kingsley.

      SM234 is looking good as i see it’s the first iron spider as well as the first Iron Spider (former prowler).

  3. this is #awesomesauce.alana please let me know via email what your Gwen list looks like?so I don’t dublicate anything from your list on the next hidden gmes?this rocks thanks for this list love you all blind adam out

  4. I appreciate this list, thank you for putting it together. I have to agree with D-Rog and ask why the Earth-616 Miles Morales isn’t on this list (Spider-men II #1).

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