Alana’s Quick Weekend Spec: Doom is Coming

Here is a couple of quick hits for the beginning of the work week, happy hunting.

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Dorothy Spinner aka Ape Faced Girl has become a staple of the current Doom Patrol team on HBO. Her abilities includes summoning her insane imaginary friends like a giant spider, a giant werewolf like monster with antlers, and a demon known as Candlemaker so far. Her first appearance is in Doom Patrol Vol.2 #14 Some asking $50 on eBay with all cheap copies about gone, but hey there is a half dozen different cheap ones listed on Amazon for a couple bucks and shipping. Doom Patrol vol.2 #23 is 1st Red Jack and #22 is supposedly his cameo but I didn’t see it when I read it. Looks to be the villain for the season or a few episodes. Both great dollar binner winners for dollar box searches.

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  1. While not nearly as popular as the X-men, Doom Patrol is the X-men of the DC universe. I’m a big fan of the X-men and that’s why I’ve been currently reading back issues of Doom Patrol they’re just as good of stories and characters. The show is really well done and now that’s it part of HBO you can expect 8 seasons most likely. The days of every Doom Patrol book but 1st Beast Boy being worthless is over. The Grant Morrison run is amazing and a lot of first appearances pertaining to the show are coming from it.

  2. Decades ago, I mailed a letter to Overstreet to inform him of first appearances not listed in his price guide. Surprisingly, Doom patrol 99 (beast boy) later became valuable.

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