Image Comics July 2020 Previews Picks

Now that Previews seems to be updating now with new books from most if not all publishers, I’ll break down my own picks coming out of Previews.

This article will cover Image books hitting store shelves in the very near future.

Ascender #13. Great series from Lemire. It’s the volume that followed Descender and both were recently re-optioned, well, at least Descender was as it had an original option a few years back. If you’re not reading it, you should be. Nguyen’s soft water color art and style is also pretty amazing.

Ascender #13

Chu #3 only because it’s the acronym for Comics Heating Up. I kid, Layman continues the Chew Saga in this new series. It’s a must read. It’s what inspired my handle I love Chew so much.

Chu #3

Sex Criminals #69 because it’s the finale and of course they have to end it with 69, skipping a few number inbetween.

Sex Criminals #69 (XXX McKelvie Variant)
Sex Criminals #69 (XXX Photo Variant)

Sex Criminals #69

Gideon Falls #25 is another Lemire title everyone should be reading. This issue has a Francavilla variant as well, art hasn’t been released yet but I love some Francavilla cover art.

Gideon Falls #25 (Cover B – Francavilla)

Gideon Falls #25 (Cover A - Sorrentino & Stewart)

Inkblot #1 looks like it could be entertaining. 3rd generation creator out of the Kubert family.

Inkblot #1

Mercy #6 is a series everyone should be reading. It’s rare when you get a good writer that can also put out some awesome cover and interior artwork.

Mirka Andolfo Mercy #6 (of 6) (Cover B – Lafuente)
Mirka Andolfo Mercy #6 (of 6) (Cover C – Bartel)

Mirka Andolfo Mercy #6 (of 6) (Cover A - Andolfo)

Department of Truth #1 is a new Tynion book coming out of Image Comics. Covers conspiracies that have been uncovered to actually be true. Could be interesting. I’m not a fan of Tynion’s writing but others seem to gravitate towards him and his books get deals from time to time, so it’s a book to keep a eye on.

I will say there’s a pretty cool looking Frison variant for this one as well.

Department of Truth #1 (Cover A - Simmonds)

Department of Truth #1 (Cover B - Frison)

Nailbiter Returns #5 is a great murder horror story from Williamson. One of the few Image titles I picked up every issue of prior to it “returning”… so looking forward to reading more Nailbiter.

Nailbiter Returns #5

Dead Body Road Bad Blood #4 continues it’s 6 issue mini-series from Justin Jordan. First round was great, expecting nothing less from this one.

Dead Body Road Bad Blood #4 (of 6)

Low #25. This was one of my favorite series until all the delays. It’s been what, like 2 years just to pump out the last 4-6 issues… It’s still a series I plan to pick up and I’m just waiting to read after more copies come out or it finishes to get it all in the same sitting.

Low #25 (Cover B – Scalera & Dinisio)

Low #25 (Cover A - Tocchini & McCaig)

Low #25 (Cover B - Scalera & Dinisio)

Sea of Stars #7. I love Jason Aaron’s work and as I’ll admit I have not been picking up these issues (I’m waiting for the trades to read in bigger story arc sitdowns), it still makes my list of previews picks.

Sea of Stars #7

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