Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 07/20/2020 w/ Spoilers

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

This weeks FOC include a couple of Marvel books. I’m gonna spoil some shit so if you don’t like spoilers, just stop reading now and go browse youtube or something. This is a spec site, so expect us to spill the beans from time to time.

First up is Captain Marvel #19, there’s also a Captain Marvel #19 Olivetti Empyre Variant available as well.

Last issue we saw she discovers her half sister who she takes back to her apartment in NY to chill out while she figures things out and she informs the Emperor of her actions in not killing her relative. This issue has a lot of filler story with her half-sister ending up hanging out with her cat (ya’ll all know which cat I’m talking about) and she ends up saving a little girl.

But it goes on to see Captain Marvel talking with Doctor Strange about her new weapon and it’s power. So she calls upon Rhody, Hazmat and Spider-Woman with the help of Doctor Strange to sort of all give them the power of the hammer, of course Carol’s is the physical one while the others have these metaphysical glowing types..   the book ends with, Next Up: Carol Corps., she needs a team to discover the power of this new hammer she wields.

Captain Marvel #19 Emp

Next on the list is Venom #27. It’s now got a 1:100 variant announced which is going to be a sketch variant of the Venom #27 (Stegman Variant), which has not been released and maybe has the new guy on the cover? I guess people/retailers are really bumping up their orders for this one now with at 1:100 variant. Could be perhaps in what are some are speculating is Codex (if htat’s his name) making his first appearance in it? Might end up being a cameo and Venom #28 ends up being the real first appearance, if it happens.

Or maybe because retailers saw this in a preview of Venom #27 after the issue opens up with Virus following Eddie and Dylan and the first half of the issue is just Virus and Eddie fighting, with Virus being very persistent in letting Eddie know he ruined his life and he’s going to pay…

When Eddie finally gets away to make it back to Dylan on the rooftop where he left him, he finds these group of guys and gals…

Venom #27That’s all I got this week for the FOC highlight picks. Enjoy.

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    1. I thought someone said new character but could be wrong. I just grab copies to be safe – especially with Venom.

  1. Hi, first post in here – love this site and the forums!

    Anyway, what is the betting on Virus being Flash Thompson?

      1. Find a Local Comic Shop or an online retailer that offers a 25% discount or greater for your subscription service.

        1. $2.79 from $3.99 books seems like it’s closer to the 35% off mark. A lot of local shops don’t offer such discounts (none of mine do, so there’s no incentive in doing pulls or subscriptions), only the online shops since they don’t operate brick stores and know the cost of shipping plays a part.

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