Marvel Illuminati Coming to the Screen?

A new rumor going around suggest Marvel has plans to use The Illuminati in an upcoming Marvel project.

The Illuminati are made up of Professor X, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Iron Man, Black Bolt, and Dr. Strange. The Illuminati first appears in New Avengers #7

From CBR:

A new rumor suggests that Marvel Studios is in the early stages of developing a project based on Marvel’s Illuminati. The Illuminerdi website reports having learned this information from a cast listing that currently only names Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige as a producer on the project, titled Marvel’s Illuminati. It’s unclear whether the project would be a film or a Disney+ series. Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven created the Illuminati idea during Bendis’ run writing Marvel’s Avengers titles. In the pages of New Avengers, Bendis revealed that a secret society made of some of Marvel’s iconic characters had been operating without oversight since the events of the Kree-Skrull War years ago. The New Avengers: The Illuminati miniseries revealed the group’s secret history.

7 thoughts on “Marvel Illuminati Coming to the Screen?”

  1. While I agree New Avengers 7 (2005) may be the first Illuminati in name, don’t we think the current state of characters in MCU makes more sense as Hickman’s Illuminati? Hickman’s Illuminati includes T’Challa, Amadeus Cho, and Banner. I’m not saying 2005 NA #7 is a bad spec pick. It’s probably a good pick up regardless, but I think Hickman’s Illuminati is worth consideration based on what we know about MCU character rosters.

      1. I believe the name ‘Braddock’ has also already been uttered in the MCU. I can’t remember when, but I think I remember reading that somewhere before. 🤷‍♂️

        1. The closed captions during Cap’s time travel back to grab the infinity stones during Endgame have Peggy talking about Captain Braddock, but nothing audible. They also discuss storms I think, hinting at the X-Men’s Storm. It was a nice little Easter egg discovered recently.

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