12 thoughts on “Spoilers Venom #27, So Much To Show”

      1. False. Re-read. He’s named at least 3 times. 1st When Virus is fighting the Symbiote Avengers, then he’s named when Eddie is talking to the Agents. Twice.

  1. Looks like Virus is a marvel zombie…from this angle, anyway.

    Maybe the armor keeps him from wanting to eat brains. I mean, it was a virus that turned them into zombies…


  2. I mean Codex IS named by the Symbiote Avengers in the book. They call him “Codex”. but in terms of his true identity, yes we have no clue. Im guessing this is what you were referring to.

  3. Thank you Donny Cates for making comics FUN! The Thanos/CGR arc was incredible. The Dr. Strange run ruled. God Country was pretty neat too. Thank God for Jeff Lemaire, Matt Fraction, Rick Remender, Donny Cates and Tom King (for The Vision).

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