Is Black Winter Coming to Fortnite?

The popular video game Fortnite is no stranger too superheroes. They have done several Avengers crossovers, had exclusive skins and pickaxes for them. Dc joined the game a while back with Batman, and introduced Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Aquaman recently. The X-Men have had exclusive skins, with Cable Domino and Psylocke in the store. Fortnite just dropped an in game screen showing Thor will be joining in season four, but also hinted at more.

Hopefully you haven’t dumped all your Thor #5’s yet because looks like Marvel isn’t fully done yet. The teaser for next season shows Thor, and not just any Thor, the cosmically charged herald version we saw in Donny Cates’ recent run on Thor.

Rumors on Fortnite videos all over Youtube have been hinting Galactus is coming, and season four of Fortnite seems to center around the story. This season has centered around an Aquaman theme, so having comic books cross over is not odd. In the Battle Pass screen, a comic is available to read. It is an issue of Cates’ Thor featured in the game.

In the pages, it is clearly shown a reference to Black Winter. So, will Black Winter be included in the popular game? And will season four of Fortnite center not only on Thor and Galactus, but Black Winter as well.

6 thoughts on “Is Black Winter Coming to Fortnite?”

    1. That is what the storyline is alluding to. Thor, Harold of Galactus is coming to feed on the Fortnite island. But for them to use a comic in game referencing Black Winter makes one wonder

  1. See …. these are the little nuggets as to why I buy and hold. If Marvel does it right and the character takes off, people will seek out 1st/2nd/3rd/etc. prints to have the original story.

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