Poyo’s Spec & Drek for September 2nd, 2020

Welcome to this weeks spec and drek, where we pick the winners each week we think will be spec worthy, a great read or just cool looking art on the cover. I also dive into the pesky drek, the book you should probably avoid if you can or perhaps not invest so heavily into.

How is it already September?

DC Picks

Not a lot coming out for DC this week. I’m not anticipating any winners unless there’s a total surprise in one of the issues.

So for this week, just grab a copy of Batman #98 if you’re keeping tabs on the Joker War. There’s also the Batman #98 (Card Stock F Mattina Variant) Joker War available as well, which isn’t that bad of a Mattina cover if you still dig his work. I’m not so much of a fan nowadays.

Batman #98 Joker WarMarvel Picks

First pick is the buy to stash for the later day book. Thor #5 3rd Print has that awesome Black Winter cover from the interiors. We haven’t seen the last of Black Winter. So don’t sleep..  buy and hold I say. If I’m wrong, well.. then I’m wrong and you shouldn’t take all your advice from a chicken!

Okay so Momoko is overused but she still has winner books when it involves ratio variants, particularly from the bigger publishers like Marvel.

This week if you can find it for cheap (which I seriously doubt) is the Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 ratio variant. Good luck landing one of these!

There’s also a pretty cool Hans variant (already sold out at Midtown but available at TFAW still):

Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 (of 4) (Hans Variant)This next one might be hard to find, at least for cheap. But it’s the Captain Marvel #18 2nd Print ratio variant. Pretty slick cover but don’t spend too much money on it.

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

I feel like I’ve picked this one so many times but due to delays from the pandemic, seems like we are finally getting Spy Island #1 from Dark Horse.

I love these covers, giving me the sense of those 70s style mystery fiction type of novel.

Spy Island #1

Spy Island #1 (Lia Miternique Variant Cover)

Spy Island #1 (Lia Miternique Second Edition Variant Cover)Bitter Root #10 has another kick ass Variant cover.

Bitter Root #10 (Cover B - Vallejo)If you got the first printing, this second printing is a must to add to the collection for you Dr. Seuss fans.

Ice Cream Man #20 (2nd Printing)The next pick has my attention cause it’s got that steam punk vibe (their solicit calls it dieselpunk). Broken Gargoyles #1 from Source Point Press is a definite checkout for me.

Now on with the dreaded “drek” pick, every writer and artists worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work. The book to avoid or not fall victim to in buying at ratio inflated prices.

Never thought I’d say this but Black Widow #1. Pick the cover you like best and leave it at that. Honestly out of all the covers, Charest is the one that stands out to me as the best one. Jacinto’s cover is okay.. but JSC, meh..  the others are all meh..

12 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec & Drek for September 2nd, 2020”

    1. I didn’t miss them.. I simply didn’t pick them.

      Venom #27 1:25 is not a spec or pick from me.. it’s meh. Midtown still has them in stock for a crappy $50 or so. I wouldn’t spend over cover for that book.

      Miles Morales #18? Unless something major happens (first appearance), I’m not spec’ing cause he’s got his sister on the variant. The Outlawed story is just a new modern day Civil War.. and it sucks donkey balls.

        1. Rare doesn’t automatically make it a winner though. This has a few things going against it than for it..

          1. It doesn’t have Codex on the cover
          2. It’s just a BW version of the 1st printing cover A
          3. Venom #27 was plentiful.
          4. Flashbacks of Immortal Hulk #16 2nd print ratio should haunt us all..
          5. It’s been available at Midtown for almost a week now and they still haven’t sold out (early warning signs either there’s plenty going around or the demand is lackluster)

          1. Not everything spikes on release. A smallish print run ratio with a 1st app is usually good, even if the character isn’t on there. You’ll see when codex takes off when his character is developed.

            1. Over time, anything can go up. But this is not a good spec play at the moment unless you find it at cover. Spending $50-$60 on a book that might jump to $75 or $100 is not great ROI when you consider you could have bought Venom #25’s for cover and those will eventually be the real winner when it comes to Codex, since that was his first appearance and cover appearance on the 2nd printing.

              Yes, Venom #27 was a bigger appearance but some aren’t even saying it was a first full.. that’s just semantics. At the end of the day, Venom #25 will be the overall winner when it comes to Codex. Buy this BW sketch variant for cover or cheap, but I would not recommend spending $50 or more on it.

              1. I respectfully disagree about 25 2nd print. I think the ratios and some of the store covers will be best for 27, in relation to codex. I have plenty of both issues, so I’m just stating my unbiased opinion.

                1. The problem with this is, it’s speculators who are banking on the cover. I don’t get the sense that collectors and others are seeking it out (this would all change if they put Codex on the cover). I’ve already pointed out the numerous reasons why this one likely won’t be a winner book.. the initial premium kills the potential ROI it could have. You’re better off spending that money on Venom #25 where I think the ROI is more than likely a higher percentage.

                  Right now, Venom #27 2nd Print Ratio is just a pump and dump type of book from those who secured copies for likely cheap.. I see it going nowhere as I don’t think it will the overall winner once we see where Codex lands on the popularity charts in the Marvel Universe.

  1. Getting my regular DC (if Lunar decides to deliver them this week) & maybe reprints…last week was the first Thor or venom reprint I saw so maybe my LCS doesn’t care anymore so they let them hit shelves now ;)…getting indies & that ice cream man since we didn’t receive any 1st print

  2. I highly doubt JSC even draws new covers, just takes some old art he hasn’t published yet and throw and different costume on. Every female character looks the exact same.

    Such a tired artist I’m definitely over.

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