Undone by Blood Picked up by Norman Reedus

Aftershock Comics announces that their book Undone By Blood had been picked up by Norman Reedus’ bigbaldhead productions.

Announced earlier today at The Hollywood Reporter, bigbaldhead productions, founded by Norman Reedus and Brillstein Entertainment’s JoAnne Colonna, and with former AMC exec Amanda Verdon heading the company, has closed a deal to adapt UNDONE BY BLOOD, with an eye toward Norman Reedus to star.

This exciting news for fans of the series comes just two months before the collected edition of the first arc, UNDONE BY BLOOD or The Shadow of a Wanted Man, is due in comic shops – featuring a foreword written by Norman Reedus himself!

5 thoughts on “Undone by Blood Picked up by Norman Reedus”

  1. Just found a singular issue #1 hidden behind other comics in my LCS. So they are still out there in the wild. Any idea on the print run size for first issue anyone? Cheers for the heads up CHU!

  2. I bought the #1 1:15 variant for cheap $ when it first came out — I just thought it was a cool cover. Today I picked up #1 and #2 reg. covers for cover price. I stashed another #1 in my pull folder. Could have grabbed a bunch more…wish I had. Hope to read the first two issues this weekend, and if the story is good, buy the rest of the series.

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