Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 09/21/2020

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

For you Spider-Man costume collectors, I think some are claiming this might be a first cover for the black suit with red emblem on the chest. Might be a worthy pickup if you hadn’t planned on picking one up for Amazing Spider-Man #50 Kuder Vampire Hunter Variant.

Amazing Spider-Man #50 Kuder Spider-Man Vampire Hunter HorroWeb of Venom Wraith #1 gets a second print with new cover art of Wraith, which is from the interiors. Pretty slick interior turned cover if you ask me, we’ve all seen much worse (hrmm.. Immortal Hulk).

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Wraith. I think Cates loves this character so this is just the beginning of his likely vast future story telling plans. It’s a grab and stash for the long haul, particularly this is the issue we first learn of Knull’s counterpart, which makes Dylan just a pawn in the overall ranks of importance of good vs evil.

Web of Venom Wraith #1 (2nd Printing)Avengers #37 made the list cause I’m bias towards Moon Knight. We need more Moon Knight. Where’s my Disney+ show Disney?

Anyways, the conclusion for this Age of Khonshu story arc ends in this issue. Hopefully we continue to see Moon Knight in more Avengers stories since we don’t have a current ongoing. It’s a pretty sweet regular cover as well.

Avengers #37

Dry Foot #1 is on FOC from Mad Cave. I believe there was already an advanced reader ashcan that was released. The synopsis sounds like a potential good read.

Stargazer is another Mad Cave book that’s getting a second print for Stargazer #1.

Not a lot of sales on the secondary market but some reached the $20 mark and most are listed around $15 or more.

I really dig the 2nd print cover as well, more so than the first printing.

Last FOC highlight goes to We Live #1. It’s got that Canto type of vibe to it. I hope the cover art carries over into the interiors. If they do a lot of details and the story is good, could be a hit title for Aftershock who’s been kind of blah for me as of lately within not a whole lot catching my eye to pick up and read.

You can also pre-order this on TFAW as well (was updated today as it wasn’t on the site a few days back).

4 thoughts on “Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 09/21/2020”

  1. And if you rearrange the letters in Dylan Brock, you get Alyan D. Crook (Alien Crook)….so I say Dylan steals Knulls soul, and becomes the Watcher…who is a symbiote…and makes the moon the new “planet of the symbiotes” which will then piss off Alpha Flight and boom….there’s your next story arc and crossover event….thoughts? It will be called “Knezus is Coming”…the son of God. I hope everyone reading this finds this somewhat witty…love the site!

  2. I really like the Alex Garner Superboy Prime variant for Dark Nights Death Metal #4…very fierce looking. And the Finch Darkseid variant might be a good pick-up too. I believe they’re both FOC this week…although DC’s deadline might have been yesterday?!

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