One Week Later Report for September 30th, 2020

Welcome once again to another installment of the One Week Later Report.

This week we’ll cover the books released on 09/23/2020, which was last week. Can be books we anticipated getting hot, total surprise winners and perhaps books that we hyped and ended up as duds. Also could be a good list to use when out picking up this weeks pickups..

Absolutely nothing really took off from the main publishers (although a few Daredevil #22 (2020) sold for close to $10 or so, most were cover price but maybe one to watch, still available at most online retailers).

Last week was all about the indies.

Autumnal #1 was probably the spec of the week for last week. Probably since nothing else popped, speculators had to jump on something. I heard it’s a decent story. But it’s a book to look for that might still be on the shelves while your out on new comic book day. These were selling anywhere from the $10 range to the $50 for a set of all 3 covers.

If you were able to snag a copy, Brooklyn Gladiator #1 from Heavy Metal saw some sales reach the $12 mark. I don’t expect most shops carried this title. I wasn’t able to snag a copy and interested in if it was any good or not.

The last book worthy of mentioning is the We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1 2nd printing.

It saw some sales average around the $10 mark. Not gonna make ya rich but if you see them out on the shelves, probably not a bad pickup since people love those additional printings nowadays..

To end this weeks One Week Later Report, you also got to hand it to some sellers on eBay for trying to upsell their books. Seems a few are trying to list Spawn #309 (2nd Printing) as HTF and around the $30 range, yet TFAW still has them in stock and most solds are still hovering around the cover price.

19 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for September 30th, 2020”

  1. Seems like pre foc is ruining the number of books that spike. I’m sure you would agree if this site didn’t depend on clicks.

    1. This site doesn’t depend on clicks. We share and provide information that is already freely available to any and all. Pre-FOC does not ruin spec, just drop that nonsense already.. it’s old, it’s been debunked numerous times.

    2. This is absurd. You really should take a class on economics to learn about supply vs demand, etc. Talking about books pre-foc does not affect actual organic demand from consumers. Trying to keep pre-foc talk mum to only hype it after the book is past foc or released is creating false demand based on the fear of missing out. You sir should stop drinking the koolaid some other groups preach because they are wrong because they’re just conning you to buy the books they are pumping.

      1. What I would say kills spec on a book is a shop selling ten packs on Facebook to hundreds of people in the groups. See even if this site didn’t talk about books pre-Foc, the Facebook web stores are still going to sell 10 packs regardless. That adds to the print run way more than a mention on a post and a few people ordering a copy. And Jared, before you speak on what it takes to run a site, try building and hosting a site first. You simply do not know what you are speaking of and make yourself look foolish.

    3. If you don’t like or agree with what we do here on CHU, the simple solution is just don’t bother coming here. It’s really not that hard of a solution. Time after time we talk about books FOC that go on to increase in value. Your argument is moot and it’s been disproved time and time again..

    4. Can Jared provide some actual analysis to back up his claim? Or is he just talking out if his ass? My money is on the latter.

      1. He’s just talking out of his ass. Last time I brought forth facts when he tried to claim Legends was doing so awesome I used his own example against him. He just likes to spew his cult leaders nonsense and then tuck his tail and hide.. 😉

  2. So you’re complaining about a speculation site speculating on FOC books? I think they would get called out more if they weren’t on top of that stuff. It’s their job.

    Some people look forward to those articles so they don’t miss out on books for their personal collection and are stuck paying manipulated over inflated prices.

    People don’t have time stay on top of the constant barrage of comic news and spec these days. This is a free site so if they’re doing it for “the clicks” I have no problem with that at all.

    Keep up the great work guys.

    1. Using an image to create a meme doesn’t necessarily mean that you are implying a literal relationship between the subject of the meme and the image used to convey it. This free Internet 101 lesson is brought to you by Clicks.

  3. Anyone can check out foc books up for order on previews website. It’s publically known that you can order these or just be informed that they are coming out and you can try to find them at the lcs when they are released. The lcs would be happy to preorder for you like mines is as long as it’s before foc date. I think marvel is due at noon eastern friday and the indies are due Monday noon eastern. DC I don’t know.

    1. My LCS has to submit FOC for DC on Sunday night. Marvel, Image, and everyone else gets submitted on Monday night. They email their FOC spreadsheet out the Friday before it’s due.

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