Pre-Game Report for 10/7/20

Its been a while since we could do one of these. It feels good to have comics shipping again. Also feels good to have new comics popping again. Here is what you need to know tonight for books in stores tomorrow.

Regular Covers
Venom #27 3rd Print – One of the best reprint covers from Marvel yet. This one is still hitting sales of $20 on eBay but some undercutting has set in dropping prices a little.

Wolverine #6 first appearance of Solem is seeing a spike in asking prices to the $14 range with sales around $7-9

X-Force #13 Solem first appears here too. This one is a little stronger with sales in the $10-$11 range for cover A. Not seeing gains for the Fortnite or timeless variants.

Ratio Variants
Back to the Future Transformers #1 1:25 Variant – great cover with Gigawatt Figure on the cover Selling for as much as $30 in the past two days.

Wolverine #6 1:100 Timeless Sketch Variant – Tfaw still has this one in stock for $79.99 and has sold as high as $189.99 in the past couple of days. Asking price for these are $90 and up

Champions #1 1:50 Peach Momoko Variant not many of these on eBay right now. Those that are up right now are all priced at $125 or higher. Not bad for a 1:50. Sold prices have hit as high as $148

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  1. Yeah, under-cutters for Venom #27 3rd print are as low as $10 which is fine. For a third print I have a feeling the print run may be fairly high even though there was only a 12 hour window to order after the cover image was released. I think this is one to hold on to for at least a couple of months. I think the Cates roller coaster ride with Dylan/Codex is just starting to get good. I bought a total of seven copies. Not tons so I am not in too deep and I am not expecting this to be a repeat of Venom #3 3rd print, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have nice gains down the road a little. At least good odds of that happening IMO.

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