Spoilers: Venom #29 – It Has To Die!

But Eddie and Mac have a coming to Jesus moment….  and perhaps so quickly Mac is now a possible friend, no longer a foe to Eddie. That has to be one of the fastest forgiveness’s ever from the grudge he held against Eddie..

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16 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #29 – It Has To Die!”

    1. If you read the spoilers, it claims Codex created them using the symbiote he took from her..

      “Using the symbiote he took from me, he was able to spawn hundreds of them, and then thousands ”

      Read the spoilers..

      1. I was asking about the origin of the symbiote that she has or others like it. I get that codex got it from her. In the future he controls all of them. Did you just read the book and not even think about? It’s presumptuous to assume that didn’t read it.

        1. “I was asking about the origin of the symbiote that she has or others like it.”

          You didn’t ask that all, at least in that context. You asked:

          “Wonder why Anne isn’t under codex’s control? And did knull create these symbiotes?”

          I only answered the second question, which the spoilers answered. There are no answers yet (at least in this issue) to the first question and more than likely, Knull is the creator of all Symbiotes unless there’s gonna be a huge surprise twist to all this buildup of what we already know or have gathered.

          I asked if you read it cause you’re question of “And did knull create these symbiotes?” made it appear that you didn’t read the spoilers.

  1. This could be far fetched and definitely off topic but if they keep building up the Maker into something really big as far as villains go Ultimate Fallout #4 could see even more gains. Even Ultimate Fantastic Four #1 would see some spikes.

    Could you imagine if they introduced the FF into the MCU and eventually the Maker shows up from another universe or the MCU version eventually becomes the Maker? Very complex so I doubt it will happen although I would enjoy seeing it.

    Maybe the Maker will be explored more in What if or future animated series or movies.

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