Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 132

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Hope your well and safe. Before we make money with comics, I wanted to point out a few things. First of all, if you haven’t read the Three Jokers #3, please go read that first and then come back to this weeks hidden gems. There are spoilers ahead. The Three Jokers #3 was a great comic and a fantastic end to a classic storyline. I am waiting to read TMNT Last Ronin #1. I just voted so please go vote and use your voice.Please continue to wear your masks and wash your hands, I want this virus gone by 2021. Now lets make money with comics, cause you can’t teach that

1. Batman Gotham Knights #50,#51, #52, #53, and #54 – the story is called Pushback. When reprinted in trade it is called Hush Returns and in trade it includes Batman Gotham Knights #66. Wow Batman Three Jokers #3 is a great sequel to the Killing Joke and showcases how the Joker really treated his pregnant wife. Plus it shows Barbra Gordon getting her revenge against the joker as well. I still need to research other stories in which the Joker has a son, as the only that comes to mind is Old Lady Harley #5 ($1-5). Within this story, the Riddler tells how he saw Mobsters killing Jack’s Wife, so Jack goes on to become the Red Hood and fall in the vat of chemicals becoming the Joker. This was first shown in Detective Comics #168, a vintage and pricey golden age gem. These Gotham Knights issues are super cheap, can be found in dollar boxes, about dollar, five tops, and could go up. So happy hunting

2. Booster Gold #5 (2007 Series) – this is the story called ‘No Joke’. It is written by Geoff jones and has Booster Gold going back in time to the night of the Killing Joke when Joker takes pictures of him and Barbra which Batman kept. Thanks to Booster at the end of the story for trying to save Barbra. Very interesting as Geoff wrote the Three Jokers. This is an under rated series and this is a under valued book $10

3. Batman Chronicles #5 (1990’s series) – Barbra Gordon tells the events of the Killing Joke from her point of view. It also explains how she took the name Oracle. Very cheap dollar box find. Other Killing Joke books to keep an eye on are Batman #511 (Zero Hour Killing Joke cover), Birds of Prey #121 (Killing Joke Joker cover) & of course Suicide Squad #23, and #48 and #49. Barbara will be in Titans season 3 as Oracle and has taken up the mantel again in the current Bat-books. I also wanted to mention that there is a print of the infamous Batgirl #41 Rafael Albuquerque comic cover. DC should have printed it as is as it was not offensive, but that is my two sense, the print goes for $10-20 and can be found on eBay The Suicide Squad books go from $20 and up happy hunting

4. Tales of the TMNT #4 – this is the first appearance of the Rat King. The Rat King needs more love. Who would win in a fight, the Rat King or the Pizza Rat? Did anyone snag the Pizza Rat Funco Pop from
2020’s NYCC? The Rat King is my favorite TMNT villain so I had to put it on the list $10-20

5. TMNT the Last Ronin Ashcan – wow the wait is over. TMNT the Last Ronin #1 is out.get them at cover price if you can. They are between $20-30 on eBay as I write this.This ashcan has two editions one with corrected art and a first print with the weird looking art. This ashcan is a tough find in the wild as well in your comic book buying travels. Keep an eye out for TMNT #101 1:10 variant. The Peach Momoko variant is a good book for the money $50 and up. However of all the wall books, the money shot of the #1s will be the NYCC variant limited to 1000 copies and goes from $80-100 and the second print will command a premium as well, so get your copies now happy hunting

Well that is it for now. Stay safe. I love you guys, thanks for reading. Until next week
blind adam out

9 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 132”

  1. While I found your blog post interesting for the most part. The Momoko Last Ronin was sold at two stores. Frankie’s, and Golden Apple and they were gone in June, in. SECONDS on Frankie’s and 20 minutes on Golden Apple because they did a poor job of marketing. Good luck finding one for 50 bucks.

    1. I was fortunate to get one. Still have not got the book shipped out but is scheduled to hit my door soon. Just checked prices and it’s up there.

    2. I’m not sure about Golden Apple, but if you join Frankie’s FB group, you can get a head start on nearly all of their books.

  2. The whole Jokers Son thing has me intrigued…didn’t realize there had already been some history there. I have 4 or so copies of Old Lady Harley #5 laying around. Totally forgot about that!

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