9 thoughts on “Spider-Woman #7 Knullified Variant Artist Switched”

  1. I really really don’t like her covers whatsoever. Never have. I think they are simplistic and quite awful and a child could draw / paint similar. But I purchase all of her work that I feel I can flip for gains.

    I know everyone goes by the “Buy what you like and you’ll never lose”.
    I’m in the other camp of “Buy and Sell what everyone else likes and you’ll never lose”.

      1. Yeaaaaa….. I learned the hard way with Spider-Gwen, Gwenpool, Dead Gwen, Purple Gwen, Gwen Hulk, Amadeus Cho, Frank Cho… who knows, other Amalgam new characters, Children of well established characters, aunts, uncles, mom’s, dad’s of established characters, changing genders, changing costumes, etc….. All lazy lazy lazy cheap imho.
        But because of my own resistance to what I consider garbage, I lost out on lots of $$$. Now I embrace the garbage and ditch it as soon as I can

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