Cheap Slabs on eBay 9.8 Edition.

We haven’t done one of these in a while. But there are always great deals out there on slabbed comics, whether it is a recent release or an older comic. Many slabs are blown out at cheap prices. These are all $35 or less.

Lots of cool cheap slabs this week became available. Braking them up over three posts.

Batman #91 CGC 9.8 – Lowest priced copy on eBay. Most are double this copy’s $22.99 asking price. Harley Quinn takes center stage on the cover as well.

Rat Queens #1 CGC 9.8 One time super hot optioned book. Options expire. Now this one can be picked up for $29.99 (as a buy it now, but bidding on the book is way less)

Batgirl #46 Inhyuk Lee Variant 9.8 – Awesome Batgirl cover, and this run has had a ton of great artists doing great covers. CGC 9.8 for $29.99

Green Lantern Corps #16 CGC 9.8 – Simon Baz featured on this wrap around sketch cover. 9.8 for $19.99

X-Men #1 CGC 9.8 – Jonathan Hickman’s current run kicks off in this #1 graded 9.8 for $24.99

Batman #25 CGC 9.8 Difficult to get 9.8 on this black cover. New 52 Goodness for $31.99

Chaos #1 Midtown Exclusive CGC 9.8 Nei Ruffino art, Chaos Comics, $29.98.

Batman Superman #1 Comics Elite Edition Ryan Kincaid Sketch Cover CGC 9.8 – Ryan Kincaid Sketch cover. $34.98

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