Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 11/18/20

Every week, hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for comics delivering 11/18/20:

Kind of an interesting week. Real stealthy winner, but some great flips if you can get the variants cheap. Here is what is on tap.

Returning Favorites
Something Is Killing The Children #12 – You can tell this one is really gaining steam with as many store variants that are coming out on the book. However, I am picking up the Bloody Blank Cover, for people to lazy to get blood on their own blank covers (thanks to the forum for that joke) and the Peach Momoko variant if I can get it cheap enough.

We Live #2 – Great new book with a lot of buzz. Second issues tend to have lower print runs but do not count on it for this one. Great story, Boom has a first look deal in place and this one was recently mentioned in an article.

Once & Future #13 – Another great series getting noticed. Try to find the FRANY 1:25 Black & White Virgin Cover and the Thank You Variant Cover if you can get them cheap enough.

New #1’s
Barbalien Red Planet #1 – Barbalien from Black Hammer gets the solo series treatment .

Widowmakers Red Guardian And Yelena Belova #1 – Can Marvel just release the movie to Disney+ already? Reed Guardian and the other Black Widow Yelena Belova take center stage in this movie released book

Sea Of Sorrows #1 – New IDW series that sounds really good. The Mermaid variant cover is pretty cool. Deep sea adventure with a horrific twist! From the creative team behind last year’s hit horror series, ROAD OF BONES, comes an all-new tale of bone-chilling terror! In the aftermath of the Great War, the North Atlantic is ripe for plunder by independent salvage crews. When a former naval officer hires the SS Vagabond, he leads the ship to a sunken U-boat, and a fortune in gold. Tensions mount as the crew prepares to double cross each other, but the darkness of the ocean floor holds deeper terrors than any of them have bargained for!

Children Of The Grave #1 – Scout books have been hot lately. Earth has been reset. Now known as Terra, the populace lives in blissful ignorance of the centuries of unrest that plagued mankind. Now the Terrans receive all they need from the mysterious, but unquestioned, ‘Providers.’ Life is free of hardship, pain, and suffering on Terra, but something is brewing and young Terran Daniel is determined to find the truth.

Frank At Home On The Farm #1 – Second of three new Scout series out this week. Frank returns from the trenches of World War I expecting to be greeted by his loving family on their farm. What he finds instead is a dark mystery, his family missing, and only the animals there waiting for him. This sets in motion a terrifying and horrific turn of events as Frank begins his desperate search for his missing kin in a tale that is equal parts The Shining and Twin Peaks.

Recount #1 – timely political book from Scout that has had a lot of pre-release buzz. After the assassination of a U.S. President, the conspirators turn their sights on all who helped him get into power. By this, they mean to kill everyone who helped him ascend to the presidency-including the ordinary citizens who elected him, essentially plunging the entire country into civil war. Meanwhile, the vice president, one of the few survivors of the executive branch, struggles to prevent the nation from descending into chaos.

Doctor Who Comic #1 – Momoko fans take note, the regular cover is a Peach. There is also a Virgin Sketch FOC cover that shows off her penciling.

Reprints of the Week
Darkness 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition #1 – Darkness was the man back when Top Cow put out books to about ecological disaster.

Captain Marvel #22 2nd Ptg – reprinting the first One, Namor’s son.

Star Wars Darth Vader #6 2nd Ptg – Great cover taken from the art, the first appearance on cover of Ochi of Bestoon

Strange Academy #1 5th Ptg – Black and white redo of the regular issue 1

We Live #1 2nd Ptg – Hot new series going back for a reprint with new art. Already moving to a Third Printing

Cover of the Week

Ice Cream Man #21 Andrea Sorrentino Cover – The B covers on this series are trending higher than the regulars in some cases. This cover brings the creepy.

One to Watch
Symbiote Spider-Man King In Black #1 – Potential for a new symbiote or a previously unknown one. Worth watching. I really dig the Superlog Cover

No Brainer Pick Up
Venom #30 – Dony Cates continues to build on his Venom story, Worth the grab.

The Pick of the Week
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night #1 – Small press book from Behemoth Entertainment LLC based on the movie of the same name. Creepy foreign vampire flick turned into a low print run comic, winner. Sold out pretty much every where. Check first.


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  1. Thanks for breaking me out of my ASM/STAR WARS autopilot that I’ve been in for about 3 months. I’m going to check out those Scout books.

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