Mandalorian eBay Exclusive Topps Trading Cards

So I do not normally deal with cards, but have sold the heck out of Topps exclusive cards from conventions before. This Mandalorian Exclusive set caught my eye.

The 2020 Topps Star Wars The Mandalorian eBay Exclusive 10 Card Set just went on sale. Here are the details:

Product Description
Exclusive 10 card set available only on featuring artwork from Star Wars The Mandalorian never before seen on trading cards! The set will be available for $19.99 for one week.

Product Information
Each set contains (10) 2.5″x 3.5″ Cards

Subject List:

1. Mandalorian
2. The Child
3. Kuill and Blurrg
4. Cara Dune
5. Greef Karga
6. IG-11
7. The Armorer
8. Jawas
9. Incinerator
10. Mando

Shipping and Handling
Please be aware this listing will be live for 7 days (12/7 Last Day 12PM EST) then will no longer be offered again. We will only print to the number sold on eBay. Cards will start shipping 3-5 days after the listing has ended.

These will ship out of our Florida facility.

10 thoughts on “Mandalorian eBay Exclusive Topps Trading Cards”

  1. Got these in the mail today. Overall I’m disappointed in the quality of these cards. The images are pixelated and on photo paper card stock. Someone working from home with a photo printer could have made these cards, that’s how bad they are. The photo paper stock has banding across the entire card face. I wish I hadn’t ordered these, they aren’t even numbered.

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