Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 12/14/2020

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

Got a handful of Marvel books for this FOC.

First up is Daredevil #25 (2nd Printing). I think this is more of a grab and hold for the most part. The first print will be the ultimate winner but this is still a cool cover of Elektra as Daredevil from the books interiors.

How long will she be Daredevil? Looking at the solicits, not long but who knows what the future holds right?

Daredevil #25 (2nd Printing)

Avengers #41 is just a Marvel title I think we should all be paying attention to. This Phoenix story arc by Aaron could get interesting. It could also turn out to be a whole lot of nothing.

Avengers #41Okay, it’s a themed variant and it’s open order but it’s still a cool cover.

Black Cat #2 (Momoko Marvel vs Alien Variant) Kib is one for the PC if you’re a fan of Momoko and Aliens. Don’t go heavy if you do buy this one, there will be zero heat (unless of course one day Aliens enters the Marvel Universe and they have Black Cat in the movie, highly unlikely).

Black Cat #2 (Momoko Marvel vs Alien Variant) KibOther notables coming out of Marvel is the Iron Fist Heart of Dragon #1 (of 6) (Aja Variant) and King In Black #3.

I like Aja’s art and covers but since Iron Fist is an open order, I don’t expect much heat (unless there’s some prominent first appearance or what not lurking within).

And of course we can’t overlook Cates King in Black main event title.

Abbott 1973 #1 (of 5) coming out of BOOM! could be an interesting new book. It’s a supernatural thriller from Saladin Ahmed, with claims it should attract the attention of those who like Something is Killing the Children and Bitter Root.

There’s also a B variant: Abbott 1973 #1 (of 5) (Cover B – Allen)

Abbott 1973 #1 (of 5) (Cover A - Main)

The new AWA book on FOC this week is Manns World #1. Nothing ground breaking but still could end up being a great read.

The cover art from Rahzzah does stand out and is certainly eye appealing. There’s also a Manns World #1 (Cover B – Deodato Jr) as well, haven’t seen the cover art for this variant but Deodato rarely disappoints.

Manns World #1 (Cover A - Rahzzah)

It’s a graphic novel and I wish it was out prior to Christmas but for those who enjoy Grant Morrison‘s work and particularly his take on Santa Claus, this one is for you.

Klaus New Adventures of Santa Claus GN

Klaus New Adventures of Santa Claus GN
The reveal of the new Batman in Future State has happened. Not sure how this will pan out but for most onboard, you’re gonna want this one in your collection (and to sell if it does heat up any).

These could see some love, considering they carry the hefty $8.99 price tag on the cover. Geez DC, hurting for cash? You print your ink with gold flakes? These better be damn special making people pay so much for your books. If you buy #2 though, make sure you grab Future State the Next Batman #1 (of 4) as well though, as it would be the new Batman possibly not revealed until this issue #2.

The real winner though if this new Batman takes off is Batman #313, the first appearance of Tim Fox.

Future State the Next Batman #2 (of 4) (Cover C – Braithwaite Variant)

Future State the Next Batman #2 (of 4) (Cover C - Braithwaite Variant)Another Trade Paperback makes my FOC just because if you haven’t read it and couldn’t bother to spend $13.59 on the hardcover, you can now find the Pulp TPB for just $9.09 at TFAW.

Great read, a must for any Brubaker and Philips fan.

Pulp TPB

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  1. I think I read that Marvel is saying there will be a ‘Rebirth’ of the Marvel Universe after the Phoenix event. That run is one to keep an eye on for sure

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