Amazing Spider-Man #55 – Book To Watch

So I think we’ve been talking about this book for quite some time, pre-FOC and now that we’re past FOC, seems like secondary market sales for this one are starting to creep up, at least in terms of people listing at higher prices.

Amazing Spider-Man #55 Lr is starting to see pre-sales on eBay creep up to the $20 range. One seller posted this cover in their listing but it’s also in his listing it was the 1:10 variant for sale. And yes, there’s a dumb store virgin variant available as well that’s seeing actual sales around the $30 to $50 range. Skip it, don’t pay premium just for the trade dressing taken off..

It’s a great cover (and likely will be seeked out for years), it’s going to be hard to find in minty fresh with all that black on the cover.. But you can still find these at TFAW on pre-order and likely other shops who probably bought extras cause it’s going to be an easy sale I think, as these won’t sit on the shelves for too long. So if you didn’t put in your orders, now might be a good time to do so.

Amazing Spider-Man #55 Lr

8 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man #55 – Book To Watch”

    1. Meh, I’ll save money by buying it at cover price. I don’t like paying premium by them just removing the dressing from the cover. The artist already got paid for the cover as well.. so, yeah, I’ll be skipping the premium exclusive variants…

      1. I personally think. It having the trade dress takes something away from most covers. I can see the attraction to it or others if you’re going to have it framed like art, or have an artist sign…but otherwise it’s wasted space/void. And I find that type of asymmetry unappealing.

      2. Its not too much of a premium because they are selling for double to triple compared to what they paid for them on Gleason’s site

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