Spoilers: Death Metal #7, This Changes Everything

There you go, Death Metal #7, wrap up. Now for the bigger. There are two universes at the center of the Multiverse. This “Elseworld” could be many things. Could be a collective of all the other stories that are not considered cannon. Could be a new universe with new stories to tell, or my favorite crack pot theory, could be a world set up for a big crossover. think about it, we have beings that can move the speed of light, fly to the farthest corners of the universe in seconds, but cannot reach this other universe. What if this is the lead in to a crossover with Marvel? Could the other Universe be the Marvel Universe. There is a lot of talk about Marvel buying out DC, and we know ATT is cutting a lot of stuff. Whatever it is, we will have to wait and see.

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3 thoughts on “Spoilers: Death Metal #7, This Changes Everything”

  1. Wow. What an intense issue. Excited and maybe a little apprehensive to see this version of “this changes everything” how many times have we heard that!?

    1. I am. It sure they would buy out or just license. I know a ton of people are saying DC is going to fold or Marvel is gonna buy them out. Just a crazy thought that this could be the way they merge the universes.

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