Pre-Game Report for 1/13/21

Its been a while since we could do one of these. It feels good to have comics shipping again. Also feels good to have new comics popping again. Here is what you need to know tonight for books in stores tomorrow.

Great week for comics this week. Here is what is on tap.
Regular Covers
Haha #1 – cool concept from a proven creator. The regular covers are selling for $15 in recent auctions.

Future State Teen Titans #1 – First cameo of Red X (in DCU continuity) is selling well and is sold out in most online stores. Tons of sales at the $16 level

Ratio Variants
King In Black Gwenom vs Carnage #1 In-Hyuk Lee 1:25 Variant – gorgeous cover. has sales as high as $119.00 in the past two days. Sales seem to be settling in the $90 range. Still if you can get this at ratio, or read the forums where we posted this on FOC, there is still chance to make money.

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