Boom Announces 1:1000 Keanu Reeves Signed Variant

Boom just took a bold step on a returnable comic. The upcoming Brzrkr #1 will have a Jonboy Meyers 1:1000 Variant signed by Keanu Reeves.

Boom has also pushed back the Final Order Cut-off date until 2/1/21 in order to allow more time for retailers to up their order.

10 thoughts on “Boom Announces 1:1000 Keanu Reeves Signed Variant”

  1. What do shops pay per book? My rough understanding was 50% of cover. Is that even close? And out of curiosity, how many copies does say one of the big national retailers typically order of a “hot” new title like this, if anyone has an idea or guess?

  2. Language used by Boom to hint to retailers that if they have returns it will be audited ( they will verify u destroyed the books) which is interesting because i dont think i have ever seen them actually do an audit.

    “ Please note that all orders qualifying for the 1:1000 INCV Variant will have returns audited by Diamond. “

      1. I wonder if it means there will be reprimand if they qualify for the 1:1000, but do not meet it after returns are accounted for.


  3. They will probably be $2000-3000. You have to order 1000 copies at $2 ea. It should be pretty rare. Keanu Reeves isn’t Harrison Ford. He’s cool, but his autograph is not in the same stratosphere. Ford charges around $1000 for his sig. Stallone and Arnold are around $400-500. Keanu should be in the $300-400 range not the $2000 range. Maybe I could see $600-800 for his sig. But then what book do you get it on?
    His movies haven’t been comic book winners. The book itself will be a worthless turd without the sig. No one will care about this book after this issue one gimmick.

    1. If I was famous where people wanted my autograph, it would be free always and forever.. but if I’m not charging you for my autograph and I’m out and about in public, people would have to accept the fact I might just tell them no when asked. That’s the price of free.. 😉

  4. I’m sure it’s a dope cover! I can rest assured that it’s so far out of my price range I need not worry!

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