Poyo’s FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 02/08/2021

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

If you frequent the forums, Anthony did a post about Non-Stop Spider-Man with some potential spec within of the new character, Spirit Spider (first actually appearing in Incredible Hulks Annual #1 from 2011 as Ghost Spider).

So finally after what I think is a year with delays, Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 is finally hitting store shelves the first week of March. It’s a book based on the PS Game. These stories have been much more entertaining than the current flagship title Amazing Spider-Man if you ask me. The only thing good that’s come out of the 50 something issues so far is the really cool Gleason Cover for ASM #55.

Might be a nice pickup if the character takes off. Lots of covers, so choose wisely…. and if you can’t choose wisely, Always Bet On Cover A!

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Bachalo Wrpad Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Alex Ross Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Young Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Laroque Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Artist a Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Blank Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Die Cut Variant)

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1For you America Chavez fans out there, her new 5 issue series kicks off soon and the first issue America Chavez Made in the USA #1 is on FOC this Monday. There’s a Hans variant but something doesn’t sit right with her face I think. I’d go with Cover A or the Yoon Variant.

America Chavez Made in Usa #1 (of 5) (Hans Variant)
America Chavez Made in Usa #1 (of 5) (Yoon Variant)

America Chavez Made in Usa #1 (of 5)Some more Marvel mentions goes to Avengers #43 that could hold some surprises with it’s current Phoenix story arc.

Also Momoko’s debut in writing with Demon Days X-Men #1 is on FOC. She’s also doing the interior art as well.

All the Star Wars FOC books:

Star Wars High Republic #2 Variant (2nd Printing) should be on most Star Wars fans list. You can still find the first printing available so there’s good chance a lot of retailers won’t buy copies of the second printing if they haven’t moved all their shelf copies yet.

Star Wars High Republic #3 and Star Wars High Republic Adventures #2 is also on FOC this Monday the 8th.

Proctor Valley Road #1 is a new BOOM book that has some potential. Grant Morrison rarely disappoints.

Proctor Valley Road #1 (Cover B – Wildgoose)

Proctor Valley Road #1 (Cover A - Franquiz)

Cult of Dracula #1 is a new Source Point Press book that I believe was already optioned. Lots of covers for this one, mainly store exclusives and such. Still might not be a bad pickup if it ever does become more than just a comic.

That’s it for my highlight FOC books this week. There’s a few more but then it just turns into too big of a list when I try to really narrow down the highlights.


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  1. Cult of Dracula #1 from Second Sight Publishing is actually the one to have if this book ever takes off.

    Proctor Valley Road has a Giant Days/Lumberjanes feel to it.

    And did everyone see BRZRKR has a print run of over 600,000. Save your money on that one unless you just want to read it.

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