Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day.

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 321st edition of the open forum!

We are going to start the retirement of the open forum. Make sure to sign up for the CHU Forum so you don’t miss out on the conversation. The ice and the forum are open to anyone and everyone, of course, unless you have been trolling the site with nasty comments, then we really do not care to hear from you.

Love to hear what you’re buying and selling this week.

NOTICE: We had some mail delivery issues with the forums. If you signed up in the past 14 days and never got a confirmation of approval to finish the registration process, please sign up again as the bug has been addressed.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Radiant black
    SW High republic 1 third print
    Teen Titans 1 second print
    Teen Titans 2 cover A and B
    Ha ha 1 second print

    All the future state books are hard to find in good condition. A lot of spin problems and corners have been less than perfect. For the price I expected better.

    Ps I heard DC hiking prices from $3.99 to $4.99 a book! Collecting just got more expensive.

    1. Only pull Batman $4.99, but will now only be 1 issue per month vs 2 per month @ 3.99! I’m saving $3! Can almost add another whole book is how I look at it.

  2. I’m weeding out new books again. Venom at 350 and immortal hulk likely at 50.

    Will likely just run with high republic, Thor (for now) and Batman as regulars.

  3. Have you ever sent a book into CGC and get it graded and then read the notes and say to yourself “are we talking about the same book”?

  4. just scored 5 copies of spider-gwen #1 frinson cover.&2 star wars #1 t.o.s. #39 homatge sketch cover. i am boycoting inmortal hulk #43 and i don’t acept joe bennets b.s. i am sorry stuff for that mistake and how the f did it g4t passed marvels editors?like really? in todays day and age just not called for #testify .love you all blind adam out

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