Image Launches New Retailer Exclusive Program

It appears that Image is launching a new Retailer Exclusive program with the expressed intent of long term series growth. Here is what the program entails:

Image Comics is rolling out a new Retailer Exclusives program for single issues and with long-term series growth in mind.

Immediately following the Previews drop for each month, Image Comics will update the retailer site with a listing of new series #1s that are eligible for retailer exclusive opportunities. Image will also send out an email announcement listing the new titles available for retailer exclusives. To be added to this list, email .

Forms for each title will be available for retailers to download, fill out and send to Image Comics’ Specialty Sales Coordinator.

Retailers interested in participating in Image Comics’ Retailer Exclusives program must be aware of and agree to the following requirements:

Every retailer exclusive cover requested will have a minimum order of 500 copies

Retailers may request multiple versions of a cover (virgin, b&w pencils, etc) but EACH cover has a minimum order of 500 copies

Every retailer requesting one or more exclusives on an issue #1 commits to also purchasing 50 copies of #1 (any open to buy covers); 40 copies of #2 (any open to buy covers) AND 40 copies of #3 (any open to buy covers)

For each retailer exclusive variant requested, retailer agrees to make advance payment to Image of $500, which will cover the plate change fees and cover Image’s Production and Coordination expenses

Payment is required in advance of the FOC date. If payment is not received, books will not be printed.

All retailer exclusives will ship through Diamond Comic Distributors

Artist selection is required to have been signed off on by the creators before the Request Form Deadline

A rough sketch of the cover requires creator approval before proceeding to the final art stage

Final art is due two weeks before issue FOC

Missing any deadlines will result in an immediate, non-negotiable cancellation of the retailer exclusive

NO EXCEPTIONS to any of the above requirements will be made or considered.

To request a retailer exclusive, please fill out the form for the eligible title. Forms must be filled out and submitted via electronic mail as soon as possible to….

If an issue #1 is available for retailer exclusive, it is listed on the Image retailer services page. If it is not listed, it is not available.

7 thoughts on “Image Launches New Retailer Exclusive Program”

  1. Was Image not doing retailer exclusive covers in recent years? Just incentives? Doesn’t seem all that groundbreaking, just more transparent than we’ve seen with other publishers. Seems similar to exclusive programs they’ve had on the past too.

  2. so basically it means every crossover issue now will have multiple covers from all those stores that mailing addresses are ups stores
    cant wait for these stores advertise print runs for cover b – z with print runs less then 500

  3. So… retailers have to commit to buying 120 issues *minimum* in order to secure 1 copy of an exclusive cover for an unproven title? Am I the only one who sees a repeat of the over-ordering of yesteryears gold Valiant books? How much are they worth 25 years later?

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