Final Order Cut-off Highlights for 2/15/21

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 2/1/21’s FOC list.

Another smallish week for FOC Spec books. Lots of great reads on the list, but here are the books of interest.

JOKER #1 – Joker hasn’t had a solo series since 1975. Been a while. Lots of potential. The Team Variant features Joker and Punchline, with art by Mark Brooks.

SUPERMAN RED & BLUE #1 CVR B LEE BERMEJO – New Superman tales done only in Red and Blue. I love Bermejo’s work so worth spotlighting.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #55 3RD PRINT GLEASON VAR LR – The Webheads variant gets a Blue 3rd print. Picking up to complete the set

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #61 – New direction, new job, new suit.

CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE #1 BROOKS VAR – 80th anniversary special featuring an homage cover by Mark Brooks.

CHILDREN OF ATOM #1 – New X-Men series featuring a new team with characters that debuted in Marvel Voices #1

IMMORTAL HULK #44 BENNETT HOMAGE VARIANT – Controversy aside, I love the homage covers.

STAR WARS HIGH REPUBLIC #1 4TH PRINT ANINDITO VARIANT – hot new book, keeps going back for more reprints, and people keep grabbing them up.

DEEP BEYOND #1 2ND PRINT – cool new Mirka Andolfo penned series. New Cover.

KARMEN #1 CVR B MANARA – New mature themed Image book featuring a cover by the Italian legend Milo Manara

CULT OF DRACULA #1 CVR B MAER – Source Point Press picked up this recently optioned series. Features a great Shannon Maer cover

PROCTOR VALLEY ROAD #1 – Very excited for the release of this new book coming out of Boom Studios and UCP Graphic, who is also developing it into a television series. UPC is Universal Pictures, so that is kind of a big deal. Don’t forget the TFAW Exclusive which is pretty awesome

RADIANT BLACK #1 2ND PTG – New Image series sold out and went back for a second print, very short ordering window on this one which closes tonight.

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