Pre-Game Report for 2/17/21

Always great to have a game plan going into the shops, what is selling and for how much. Here is what you need to know tonight for books in stores tomorrow.

Slow week for new books popping in advance, but if you see something let us know. This week is all about the ratio variants

TMNT Last Ronin #2 1:10 Ratio – There was plenty of time for stores to order more copies on this one, but the 1:10 ratio is still selling for about 3x cover price at $25-$30

Guardians of the Galaxy #11 1:50 Variant – was doing a little better in resales, but has come down a bit. This 1:50 Ratio is selling for about 1.5x Ratio.

Miles Morales #23 1:50 – This is a good one too, selling in the range of $80-$99 on pre-sales.

Spider-Woman #9 Rose Besch Variant Cover – Wow this one is crazy, a 1:25 selling for 4-6x ratio.

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  1. It’s RYAN Besch. Also known as Your Cinema. He’s done a lot of work for music groups and skateboard companies. Clearly and admittedly influenced by early ‘90’s underground comics. Not someone I would have expected to see on a Marvel cover but I think he still pulls it off alright.

  2. I went by what the book was listed as in the Diamond listing which appears as such on the midtown site: Spider-Woman Vol 7 #9
    Cover B Incentive Rose Besch Variant Cover

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