Pre-Game Report for 2/24/21

Always great to have a game plan going into the shops, what is selling and for how much. Here is what you need to know tonight for books in stores tomorrow.

Regular Covers

Marvels Voices Legacy One Shot Olivier Coipel Cover – Cool Miles cover selling for 2x-3x cover price.

Batman Black & White #3 Joshua Middleton Cover – This is one to definitely watch it could go one of two ways, either cheap copies flood the market and the asking price goes down, or the asking prices start turning into sold prices. Currently cover but trending up.

Ratio Variants
Nuclear Family #1 1:15 – New aftershock series with a great ratio. Sales as high as $29.99

Daredevil #25 3rd Print 1:25 – Some love it, some hate it, but the recent sales are anywhere from $40 to $119 Worth grabbing if you find it.

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